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Aomori Spring Ski Resort (formerly Naqua Shirakami) & Rockwood Hotel & Spa updated 12/11/2015
Children's cultural exchange party enlightening
Enburi Fest
Fireworks Fest
Lake Juniko
Nanbu Town
Nango Jazz Fest
Ride Smart & Safe
Salmon Fest
Simon in Oz!
Spring in Japan
Towadako Kunizakai

About Simon

Simon Bernard is an American who has lived in Aomori for over 20 years. A former skier, now a snowboarder, he works for local Japanese government offices promoting local tourism and events. Simon is out snowboarding over 100 days each year and has worked to improve the service in, access to, and information about Hakkoda. Any questions about Hakkoda,hiking mountains in Japan or for those needing English or Japanese speaking guides can be sent to him at