Welcome to the #1 mountain in Japan for POWDER SNOW!

What people are saying about Simon's Powder Tours:

Love this place. Been 5 times in the last 8 years. I have boarded every single major resort in Japan, and quite a few of the smaller ones, over the last 15 years, some of them multiple times, and Hakkoda is the best for untouched backcountry. The quieter backcountry routes within an hour's drive of Niseko (Hirafu) for example see more backcountry traffic per week, than Hakkoda sees per season in my guesstimation. Long untouched runs. Fabulous nature and views. The Hakkoda Resort Hotel is fabulous as always with extremely kind and helpful staff, and good Japanese food. If you are going backcountry get Simon to take you ... for his unparalled knowledge of the mountain, backcountry safety, local insight, and witty stories.

Matt Engmann
March 2014

Simon gives a great tour. He knows where to find awesome freshies and always has a great attitude while shredding. Also, if you need back country gear (avi beacon, snow shoes, backpack, etc.) Simon can rent you anything you need. I had an incredible time at Hakkoda and I hope to come back soon!

Nicholas Friebel
San Francisco, California, February 12th, 2014

It was a great tour, even for someone like me with limited experience of backcountry it has been relatively easy to follow, and extremely rewarding and exciting! I would have never ventured to those areas by myself without you and Michael!
Looking forward to the next trip to Hakkoda, which has the best powder I have ever experienced!


Italy, January 23th, 2014

My cheeks are still hurting after being smiling constantly for 48 hours in your backyard. Yes, I think I actually I smiled in my sleep as well.
The snow conditions on the first day were unreal. So much powder and being the only one in the mountain is a very rare experience!
And additionally on day two, experiencing backcountry touring in the winter wonderland, in shiny sun, has a special place in my memory.
Thank you two unforgettable days in Hakkoda.
See you again sometime! Give our best to Ryan! Best Regards

Bettina and Atle
Norway, February 26th, 2013

I take a trip each year with my brothers to ski off-piste in the beautiful mountains of Utah. We boot pack and traverse from the lifts in search of that light Utah powder. Well, after skiing 5 meters of powder with Simon in Hakkoda, it will be like returning to a Yugo after driving a Ferrari. One brother's response after seeing a picture of our trip was, "this makes my day at Alta look like kids stuff." Simon was great company to be on the mountain with. It was less like a tour and more like we had been friends for years. His knowledge of the terrain, conditions, equipment, and language were invaluable. If you want to ski mind blowing powder in paradise, call Simon, he'll hook you up.

Arizona, March 4th, 2013

I skied with Simon and his working partner at that time, Michael, for four days (February 4th- 7th, 2013). A couple of times we did some nice tours in the backcountry where their knowledge of the terrain made everything go smooth and easy. At the end of the track, where we finally ended up, a minivan stood ready for picking us up and driving us back to the ropeway station. When the ropeway was closed due to hard winds at the top, Simon and Michael came up alternative ideas instead of canceling. I found both Simon and Michael being very positive, helpful and caring. I really hope I will have the opportunity to come back to Hakkoda and ski with them again. Ski you later,

Ola "The happy Swede" Kristensson

I just wanted to thank you once again for sharing with us (four) the world of back country style skiing in Hakkoda. The sights we saw were truly amazing despite the fact that the snow conditions were not quite as we had expected and hoped for - guess you can not have great views and deep powder snow together all the time!! On balance we are all glad to have visited and experienced Hakkoda and it is definitely on our radar. The hotel was fantastic as were the management and staff and we would appreciate your passing on our warmest gratitude to all there. Finally we must not forget our bomb disposal expert and snowplough Ryan- what a guy!! - please pass on our best wishes to him also! It was a pleasure to have met you Simon and I for one enjoyed our chats on the lift and at lunch. Take care out there always and wishing you many deep powder days (preferably light and dry).

Frank Marcar

A FB message received today: Hi mate...how have you been? I'm working on the final touches of my Japan video, then I will make a Hakkoda one and post it to Youtube. We are coming back next Jan, I should have some dates soon. Stay well.

Australia, 2/5/2013

Thank you for the wonderful time in Hakkoda. It was a blast. It was magic. It was unique. The quality of the powder was surreal. I don’t have enough superlatives to describe my first backcountry experience. Upon my return, I was simply speechless when my friends asked me about my trip. You have to see it to believe it !

Having your assistant Michael staying near the Hakkoda Resort Hotel was very helpful. The previous evening, he kindly described a typical day and explained what to expect. In the morning, he also taught me how to use the different gear and strap it on my backpack. Since it was my first experience, his information was priceless. Michael was also helpful on the mountain, probably a little bit too much for my taste. After all, I tried backcountry to be outside of my comfort zone … although I appreciated his help to stand up in the bottomless powder :)

For your information, I am already preparing my next trip to Hakkoda and I am counting the days. Be warned !


Here are a few photos -- with Sterling diving in to some waist deeps and me looking for a snorkel to avoid choking on the faceshots!
We were completely blown away by how great the snow was in Hakkoda. (or maybe buried is the better way to say it?!) Anyway, undoubtedly some of the best powder we have ever seen.

Meaghan (with Sterling)

Hi Simon, Apologies I didn't post you this earlier, this is the video of the weekend we spent with you in Hakkoda. Thanks again for an awesome weekend!

Andy, 6/2011

My experience w/hakkodapowder was the BEST time I've ever had boarding! The backcountry & snowshoeing was the highlight! Hakkoda is the most spectacular place ever to snowboard. I doubt I'll ever encounter another incredible place which will ever come close to this.
Thank you so much (Simon & Dan) for reinforcing to my friends what I've been going on & on about for months! I was challenged & had the time of my life!


Tina Nguyen, 2/2011

Tina shreds pow at Hakkoda. Check out the giant tree well behind her!

We've really seen all sides of Hakkoda in a few days. From an outstanding bluebird day with magnificent scenery to total whiteouts on the top of the gondola. All though night life is non-existent (except for what you can create yourself), when the powder finally arrives, it's well worth the wait. No crowds, and plenty of room to play. Thanks to your OUTSTANDING service Simon we've been able to get bookings at three different hotels, get driven up here and gotten special catering (comes in handy if you're not a seafood-afficionado :-) ). We've have some great days at the mountain with a 1:1 guide/guest-ratio, and when we got the powder it was well worth the long trip.

Erik and Lars
Norway, 2/2011

Dan, Eric & Lars standing on top of the Mt. Ido volcanic crater on a rare bluebird day in February. We took the opportunity to do the 5km. Hokibatai route starting from this point!

"Hey, when you are Norwegian, you like to jump! Lars starts to helicopter off a cornice down the Y-zawa route!"

"Simon's team and their deep knowledge of the local geography and microclimate ensured we found unlimited, untracked deep champagne powder time and time again. The terrain was superbly varied from wide open bowls to tight tree runs. The organization was super efficient with transport ready and waiting at our exit point every time. We were able to take the runs mellow or as hard as we liked so catered really well for differing abilities/fitness levels. The short hikes from the gondola through the amazing snow monsters and were made easy by Simon and his team breaking trail and packing down the snow so we saved our energy for the untouched powder. A BIG thank you to Simon, Michael and Dan for a truly awesome weekend!!"
“Awesome guide taking us to uncharted territories giving us fresh lines every day - literally a fresh powder snow tour! Big thx to Michael and Dan too for helping us to get out of difficult situations and for making sure everyone’s safe.”
“Super guides showing us to the secret powder of Hakkoda. New exciting explorations on a daily basis. Great guides who plow the path for us and yet helps us out of all difficult conditions, ensuring a safe and injury free journey."

Sean "Hyper Morning" Chan, Eric "Tree Well" Hwang, Andrew "Pow Addict" Munnoch, and Diana "Magnetic Butt" Chen

Eric “Tree Well” Hwang

Sean “Hyper Morning” Chan

Andrew “Pow Addict” Munnoch

Diana “Magnetic Butt” Chen

Simon and Mike, this is Russ...hi-jacked my wife's facebook...thanks for another incredible day on Hakkoda! It just doesn't get any better than what we had today...sun was bright, powder was deep, and the mates were outstanding!

Safe travels,


This is a panaorama of Mt. Maedake. If you look close you can see the trail Simon, Russ, Pawel, and Mark snowshoed up. The back side was steep open powder fields....AWESOME!

Thank u so much for the photo and awesome tour for 2 days! I think it was the best one in my snowboarding experiences! I'd love to go back there in if I get a chance! I will persuade my hubby by showing this photo! ;) I am already so satisfied with my season ;)
Thanks for apple vinegar too! It worked and my stomach got much better after I took it. I have been sleeping since last night so am feeling better now.
Anyway, it was such a great pleasure to snowboard with you and Michael!! Thank u and take care!

Mio x,
Japan, 1/2011

Mio, the powder queen!

"Fantastic 1st day on Hakkoda. 70cm of fresh snow over yesterday. Simon toured us to places on the mountain we would never see otherwise. We had a small group of 4 in total, which was fantastic given the sight of other groups heading into the backcountry with 10 to 20+ people each." "The terrain at Hakkoda was amazing, the snow was light and fluffy and the tree skiing was epic. A resident of western Canada, I am no stranger to big dumps of snow and great mountain terrain, by the experience we had at Hakkoda yesterday with Simon was unique and magnificent. I will rave of this experience back home"

Michael Monument,
Calgary, AB, Canada, 1/2/2011

Why is Michael smiling? You would too if faced with endless untracked powder as far as the eye can see!


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