Welcome to the #1 mountain in Japan for POWDER SNOW!

What people are saying about Simon's Powder Tours:

Thanks for the two good days of backcountry skiing on the back side of Hakkoda Ropeway! I have skied in Japan for about 10 years & more than 30 resorts. I also skied most of the major resorts in N. America & a few in Europe. Hakkoda has the best powder in Japan!

Stewart, 4/2010

Stewart says the best powder is at Hakkoda!

The four of us, telemark skiers, headed off to Japan on a 3 week search for the perfect powder. After skiing in Hokkaido, we headed to Hakkoda in search of more powder. We were not disappointed. The snow monsters put on an awesome show for us. Fresh snow fell every night making for magic skiing. With our guides, Simon and Dan, we were able to explore areas we otherwise would not have been able to. These guys knew exactly where to take us to ensure we had fresh tracks and amazing views. Our accommodation at the Hakkoda Resort Hotel was fantastic and the food to die for. Superb Japanese dinners including fresh local seafood were a perfect way to finish off the dayís skiing. If you are thinking about visiting Hakkoda, stop thinking about it and do it. It is an amazing place. We will be back!

Claire, Dylan, Katherine & Carl, Australia, 2/2010

Claire, Dylan, Katherine & Carl

I've been back in London now for a few days and life seems terribly flattish after my amazing experiences in Japan. I just wanted to say thank you for the wonderful experiences in Hakkkoda. Not only did I feel fully kitted out with all the equipment - snow shows, avalanche beacon, backpacks, poles - but it was my very first experience in deep powder (which is really an understatement to say the least) and you were a great guide! I feel very privileged that, thanks to you, I was able to experience the Hakkoda mountainside in all its glory and isolation.
Prior to Japan, I had absolutely no experience of off-piste or powder and I was a little nervous, to say the least. You were incredibly reassuring in your extensive knowledge of the mountain and very considerate throughout the day of all the tumbles I took in the powder. Not only did I have a wonderful experience but the adrenalin rush coming down some of the mountainside was unbelievable. Added to that, the views were breathtaking and some of the runs through the trees just gorgeous. Having spent a few years snowboarding in the French and Swiss Alps I couldn't believe that we could spend an entire morning on the mountain and see almost nobody but ourselves. It was an unforgettable experience!
In fact I came back to London after Japan and left for a few days snowboarding in the Alps to catch the end of the season. I think my friends got really tired of me talking about how incredible and good value the food was at the Hakkoda resort, how unspoiled and beautiful Hakkoda was compared to the crowded pistes of the Alps and the sheer plenitude of the powder in Hakkoda! An icy piste in the Alps was a sad disappointment after our trip to Hakkoda.
Anyway, I have some photos I have been meaning to send you but I wanted to get this off to you first. I can't wait to come back next year! I hope you are well. Please thank Brian and Dan for being my rescuers every time I fell into the powder and I (or rather they) had to dig myself out again. It was indeed a pleasure.


Belle, 3/2010

We've skied in a lot of places, but we had never seen snow as deep as the snow on Mt. Hakkoda! This is truly a beautiful mysterious mountain, covered with ďsnow monstersĒ and pristine powder. You really know the terrain inside out and guided us expertly through the backcountry, not to mention sharing your local knowledge and sense of fun! Thanks again.

Meg & Jim, Rye, NY, 2/23/2010

Jim making his mark at Hakkoda!

Gíday from Oz,
Just wrapping up things from our recent tour to Japan, including our week at Hakkoda. From myself, Gav (Chopper) and Dave (Monk), thanks for your help in getting us to the mountain, the guided skiing and equipment hire. You made it very easy for us. Itís much appreciated. This was our first time skiing in this format and we all found it very rewarding. My family were very excited by the pics and video footage I bought home.
I recently read the story from the 2007 avalanche that your party came across and assisted. Very Interesting. We were certainly blessed with fine skiing conditions during our stay. The accommodation and service at the Resort Hotel was fantastic. The food there was a highlight for all of us.
My door is always open if you venture toward Sydney. The attached pics show the front yard. Home address is in Swansea Heads, New South Wales. This is around 2 hours north of Sydney airport (near Newcastle). Thanks again for your help Simon. Good health to yourself and family. May we meet again sometime in the future.

Luke (Puke) Whitelaw, Australia, 3/2010

I'm back in the UK now. Here are a few photos for you. Thanks very much for sharing the wonders of Hakkoda with me, what a wonderful, mystical and soulful mountain range. It was great to enjoy a rare bluebird day and still find fresh lines whilst soaking up the sun!

Dan, 3/2010

Dan says: "Hakkoda rocks the soul!"

Dan off to the next mountain slope!
(Simon: For those of you who have never been here, notice we do more walking than hiking at Hakkoda!)

We were drawn to Hakkoda after hearing countless stories of the back country terrain and dry, deep powder snow - after 5 days riding this mountain range we can't say enough about good it really is. You can check the photos, read the stories but until you ride this mountain and its amazing snow you will never know what its like to find powder heaven. Oh and the local people, hot springs and food are sensational too - making for a complete experience!!' Thanks so much!

Ron Mitchell, 2/2010

Ron poppin' pow through the snow monsters!

Here we are, back home again in Italy.
When we boarded the plane in Aomori it was snowing. I wonder how it was in Hakkoda. I'm so happy, it has been such a wonderful week. The place is really beautiful and I hope to come back soon. I have to try the real japanese powder!! Thank you for everything. I will think of you and the snow monsters during my ski trips :)

Chiara, Italy, 2/2010

Chiara tracking through powder on a blue bird day!

Chiara: "Have you hugged your snowmonster today?"

"Lovin' life in the Hakkoda white room" Thanks for a wicked one Simon - so much better than last year!

Dan Grunebaum, 2/2010

Dan says every year gets better when going to hakkoda!

Back safely in too hot Sydney...its a bit surreal going from Hakkoda to Bondi beach in a day. Thanks again Simon for the chance to come to Hakkoda for an extended period. The whole experience was one of the best of my life and probably the best of my 30 year ski career. It would not have been possible if not for your generosity and taking a chance on a random aussie...domo arigato gozaimashita......
"BIG SUNDAY" still rattles around my mind and will for a long time to come....the best day of my ski life was preceded by possibly the most outrageous weather day I have experienced on any mountain...only Hakkoda could provide days at opposite ends of the scale......saiko(pronounced psycho) deshita!..... (Japanese for OUT-standing!)
It's hard to believe that just a few hours travel away from here a place exists like no other i have been to as i said its a bit surreal.

Michaelsan, 1/2010, Sydney, Australia

Michael intently treeing down the Doozo route!

Hi!!! How goes it???? Glad to hear all at Hakkoda is deep and white. So what has changed???? My son and I had an exceptional time and I would love to visit and ski with you soon. Keep a look out for that ski.... I sure love those G3 Reverends. In any case, our visit with you was prompted by a blog I posted on the forum of the Backcountry Magazine web site. The reply I got from a fellow backcountry skier was that the powder was sick at Hakkoda and you were the guy to lead me to the backcountry. Both turned out to be spot on.
We skied for 5 days and got snow for all 5. The 1st night 1 and 1/2 feet and varying amounts thereafter. We got fresh POW each and every day. As to you, I was impressed by your knowledge of the backcountry and the nice lines that you lead us through. I also want to thank you for the work you did to set up transportation to the resort as well as setting up the hotel reservations at The Hakkoda Resort Hotel. That hotel is 1st rate.
The fee was $85 US/person per night with breakfast and dinner. Meals were advertised as gourmet. I said sure, right.... Well I was surprised. It was indeed a gourmet breakfast and dinner with 5 courses. I felt ashamed I could not eat all of it... It had to be 40-50 doller US value per day....
Then on the final day we had to catch the JR bus to Aomori City at 5PM... It was cold out and snowing. The bus stop was outside and at least 300 yards away. We got ready to walk only to find out that they had brought a minivan around. They drove us to the bus stop and I thought, " Just an extra 10 minutes to freeze out there." To my surprise they had us wait in the car till the bus arrived 20 minutes later and then loaded our bags on the bus. That's service you don't get in the US. I can't think why a person would stay elsewhere.

Thanks for all

Joe Flack, 1/2010

Joe Sr. literally flying down the BC into the Tamoyachi valley at Hakkoda!

Like father, like son. joe Jr. ecstatic after a steep drop into the Narusawa valley.

Thanks for the tour yesterday. After all the skiing I did in Utah I was really hoping to find a place to go where I could get the back country feel rather than being stuck on resorts all the time. Hakkoda was just what I wanted: wide open, no trails, no one telling you where you can or can not go and opportunity to go your own way! Wow!

Here's a link to the video as promised. I figured this was the best way since it ended up being pretty big. I missed some good stuff when I forgot to turn it on or thought it was on and it wasn't. What can you do - first time using it. Anyway, it didn't come out too bad. Have a look. Thanks again.

Brian, 1/2010


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