Welcome to the #1 mountain in Japan for POWDER SNOW!

What people are saying about Simon's Powder Tours:

I went on that snow shoe hiking tour today & asked you about any martial art places around the area. I have looked at all your pictures and read a lot of your articles. Everything looks and sounds beyond amazing. I wanted to know how you got started and find out where these places are. And how you managed to find all this time to do all of these things. I loved that tour today and has an awesome time. I want to find that something like that as much as possible in my life. Please keep me posted on any upcoming events. & please get back to me with how you did all of this.

Thank you very much. Take care.

Nick, 12/2009

Relaxing in Matsukawa Hot Springs after the hike. I consider this place one of the best "ro-tem-bu-ro" (outside hot bath) in Japan. You can see the steam vents in the back where the river runs by. Whatta day!.

Here are my parents' favorite photos from Monday, so you can pick the ones you want to post :)
The fall colors at Oirase Gorge and Lake Towada were exquisite, and only
enhanced by your expertise and knowledge of the area. Thank you for tailoring our walks to accommodate two seniors and a toddler. What a perfect family day!

Grace & Peace,

Renee for the Beyeas and the Richards, 10/2009

PS The taxi picks us up in about 30 min for our great Hakodate adventure...more on that when we return.

Note from Simon:
After our all day tour at Lake Towada I took them to a travel agent who hooked them up with a trip to Hakodate City which will include a round trip train ride underneath the 2nd longest undersea tunnel in the world and hotel reservations with a seaside view and their own private hot springs bath on their balcony among other things! How may I help you?

Everyone enjoying the view of the autumn colors on the Yasumiya peninsula jetting out into Lake Towada!

We have had the pleasure of working and living in Northern Japan three times over the span of 18 years. Japan is our adopted home. In that time we still have not been able to partake of and enjoy everything the area has to offer. Every time we come back we see things we never noticed before and learn something we never knew. Although we have trekked the trails on Hakkoda before, we have never done so with Simon, which made all the difference in the world.
On a gloriously clear, early fall day, Simon took us up the familiar Hakkoda Mountain cable car tramway for a hike on the trails. The familiarity stopped at the cable car. As we set foot on the mountain, the air smelled crisp, green and rejuvenating with the scent of pines. As we climbed up to Akura-dake, Simon shared information and stories with us about the mountains he knows practically every square foot of, expanding the base knowledge we have. Pines and trees with tinges of fall color gave way to low, close hugging, wind swept growth at the top. The variety of rocks and the strata lines of color in the soil were a reminder of volcanic forces that had long ago erupted on the peaks and sides. We were seeing Hakkoda through fresh eyes.
At the summit, the results of all our efforts were rewarded with the chance of a lifetime. On this unbelievably clear day, the panorama before us included a view of almost three quarters of Aomori Prefecture. Panning from West to East we could see Hirosaki, the Sea of Japan, Tsugaru Peninsula, Mutsu Bay, Shimokita Peninsula, the towers on Misawa Air Base, a glimpse of the Pacific Ocean, and over towards Towada and Hachinohe. We watched airliners take off from Aomori airport below and ships steaming across Mutsu Bay.
Soon the snow will be falling and the beauty of a pristine blanket of white will be beckoning. It will be time to explore Hakkoda in a new way. Enjoy!

Karen Gardiner, Misawa-shi, Japan, 10/2009

Jack & Karen enjoying lunch with a view! Not only can you see Aomori City and Muttsu bay in the background, but if you look closely, snuggled in between the east slope of Mt. Yamoyachi and Mt. Mae-dake you can also see the Doozo tea house where they commemorate the place where the 200 japanese soldiers died in the Hakkoda death march 100 years ago.

The part of the crater at Mt. Akakura that did not blow off. "The variety of rocks and the strata lines of color in the soil were a reminder of volcanic forces that had long ago erupted on the peaks and sides."

Thanks Simon for a great hiking tour of Hakkoda mountains! The Misawa Air Base Chapel youth group had a wonderful time yesterday! You made the trip very meaningful-from the stop at the famous Hakkoda water spring, to the awesome stories of the history of the area. From the skilled navigation, to the communication with the Japanese nationals. From the rims of the ancient volcanoes, to the steaming waters of Hell's pond (note: see this pic on the What's New Section), you gave us an experience that we will not forget! May the Lord bless you as you glorify Him through your work. Thanks for everything.

Erika Meister, Misawa, 10/2009

The Goal! Braving the wind & cold, both young and old(er) stop for a pic to prove we all made it up to the top of the 1548meter high volcano!
(Photos by Simon)

Thanks so much for the most excellent MTB ride. Getting to the top of the plateau with the 360į panorama view of the Aomori mountains after the long climb made the effort worthwhile!
Stopping along the way to sip on pure mountain spring water and the brief stop to hike down to the waterfall invigorated me to keep biking to the top. Of course, the reward was the long ride down the dirt trail along the streams & river to the Oirase Gorge where the river poured out as a super 20 meter waterfall was the highlight of the trip. The 70km loop trip under perfect autumn skies with the trees changing colors could not have been planned better. I hope to take more of your awesome bike tours soon!

Dan, Misawa City, 9/2009

Dan finding out you can't walk on water and neither can you bike through it!

Awesome trip (last week's incredible Mt. Iwaki tour)! Perfect ending to my season. Looking forward to doing it next year. Thanks Simon.

Geoff Rhinehart, Misawa, 4/2009


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