Welcome to the #1 mountain in Japan for POWDER SNOW!

What people are saying about Simon's Powder Tours:

It was a long week (at work) watching the reports of snowfall on Hakkoda, so I took Friday off and I headed up to the mountains. Watching the snow fall while driving up made me swell up with excitement and I couldn't wait to get a taste of fresh powder. I arrived at the Doozo Chaya tea house and quickly geared up, slapped the skins on my skis and started to hike up the Doozo route.
After a couple of hours of hiking and scaring up some rabbits, I made it to the top of the Doozo route. About a quarter way up the north face of Mt. Maedake, I was ready to do what I came to do. So with the skins off and everything cinched down tight I started down the fresh untracked powder. I never saw another person the entire time. It was the best run ever, or so I thought.
When I arrived home I couldn't contain my excitement. I called up Simon to tell him of the day's events and ask if he wanted to go the next day. Well he didn't need much convincing so today we piled in my car and headed back to the mountain. We decided to do the Hakkoda Onsen run in the morning (first time for me to do this route) and laid fresh tracks all the way down putting our mark on the sweetest bowl ever with no tracks but ours to occasionally look back at. After lunch, with snow falling heavily and with less visibility, we made an improvised run on the Doozo course, again laying fresh tracks on the most perfect snow I have ever skied.
I have been skiing for 20 years now, with one season up on Hakkoda and this has been without a doubt the best two days of skiing in my life!

Dan, Misawa City, Japan, 3/2009

Dan, a man of determination to ski the ultimately perfect snow which he found in Hakkoda today!

A belated thanks for a great couple of days up at Hakkoda. This truly was an experience of a lifetime and that first morning was one of the best experiences I have had on skis.
Let's hope I managed to do some business the following so I've got an excuse to come back.Thanks again for all of the organizing you did for me. A Great weekend and great company.

Karl, U.K., 3/2009

PS by Simon: You can see Karl's picture by scrolling two photos down!

Had a great time with Simon's tour. Having NEVER done any BC tours in my life I took my 14 year old son with me, and we scored some amazing snow, and scenery, even though it wasn't a bluebird day.
My son loved it so much He went out again the next day (I had to take my daughter to the hospital, otherwise all 3 of us would have been there), and scored even deeper pow.
All he raves about now is wanting to BC tours, it's bad enough he is a snowboarder lol , which the way wasn't a problem on Simon's tour as he gave Matt some poles and there were no hold ups at all on any traverse.
Thanks Simon.

Chris,Matt,Jess Kent, Australia, 3/2009

Note from Simon: Chris called me from Oz before coming and I helped make accommodations, etc. for his family. Having skied all over the world and like others, wary of having to "hike" BC, he spent the first few days trying to figure out the front side of Hakkoda by himself(often in the white-out).
I am guessing after hearing the stories from my customers every night in the hotel, he finally hooked up on the tour. You can tell by the comment, he and the kids got hooked after one trip. Hiking (often walking) though Hakkoda is really a breeze with very awe-inspiring scenery as well. I think one of the most asked questions I get is: How much do I have to hike? I hope this comment puts your mind (and body) at ease if you are thinking of coming this way!

Matt (14) geared up for the next BC adventure. This kid could ride deep powder with the best of us!

We arrived at the top of the ropeway to 18 meters/sec. of wind in a snow blizzard. With only 2 ways down the mountain and being new to the area, we did feel a little intimidated by going down as we heard that the official Hakkoda runs were like back country and were advised to be careful in following the markers! But we ran into Simon and straight away he kindly advised us on how to have a safe and fun traverse down the mountain.
As we normally love prefer to do back country, Simon had also advised us that he was a guide and we joined him for expeditions the following 2 days. We were up to our necks in powder the whole time and were blown away by the possibilities just off the ropeway! We also saw how easy it would be without knowing the mountain to get very lost and felt very safe with Simon as our guide. If you ever get a chance to visit Hakkoda, look Simon up, you will be in bliss with the amazing conditions and beautiful nature!

Patrick Oancia, Tokyo, 3/2009

Thanks for a great three days, it really was something special and I haven't stopped raving about it since I got back. Hopefully we can book up to come back again sometime soon.
The highlight for me had to be looking back at our fresh tracks, but everything was awesome - the scenery, the silence, the skiing, the hiking and not forgetting the company!
I think the highlight for Darius was the hike up to Ido-dake. I must admit, when we got to the top it was all worth it.

Kind regards,

Sarah & Darius, Tokyo, 3/2009
To see all Sarah & Darius's pictures click here.

Looking back on our tracks! L to R, Darius, Sarah and Karl (click the image to enlarge.)

A mate and I recently spent two and a half days exploring the wildness of Hakkoda and it was an experience well worth the effort. Being our first time there we weren't quite sure what to expect and having a guide seemed essential to get straight to the heart of things and into the backcountry.
Unfortunately the weather wasn't particularly kind to us, despite it being mid-February we chanced upon a warmish three days and not much in the way of fresh snow. Nevertheless, Simon was able to find us fresh lines tucked away deep on the backside of the mountain and we had a fine time feeling like the place was our own.
Hakkoda is not the easiest place to work out for first-timers and is a serious mountain, not just a resort. Simon was professional and obviously extremely experienced and knowledgeable of all things Hakkoda-wise and as a result we were able to get the most out of our time there.
He has a genuine love and concern for the community and environment too, making a point of telling all the bus drivers to please turn off their engines rather than idling away in the carpark. (Don't you know there's a warming going on?!?) Cheers Simon, happy sliding.

Adam Scott, Canada, 3/2009

I had been checking the ropeway website for a few days after I got home as a matter of curiosity and noted that the wind speeds were well down from the previous week. After my week I had the image of howling wind and poor visibility at the top of the ropeway etched into my memory, so it was hard to imagine otherwise.
I certainly enjoyed the powder though - a great week in the deepest and lightest powder I have skied in years including heli. I am certainly keen to come back sometime again for more of that and also hopefully to actually see some of the backcountry.

Thanks for the great week.

Heinz, Australia, 3/2009

Heinz coming out of the deep powder from the Y-zawa course

Simon we had such a great time up there! not to mention almost flying off the top of the mt :) Wow! Maybe I shoulda called in sick on Monday hehe.
Btw after me ramping on about how great Hakkoda was, one of my colleagues might be contacting you for a guided tour 3/7 and 3/8 his name is D.J. - pls take care of him if he does end up contacting you and you can fit him in the tour. He is still trying to work out the schedule on his end currently.

Thanks again and pls send Brian our regards!

Diana Chen, Tokyo, 2/2009

I'm a New Yorker that is in the military and deployed to Iraq this past June. Being a heavy snowboarder I had planned out that I would take my vacation somewhere that there was snow to make up for lost time. So I searched the internet through all different countries looking for a backcountry guide. I came across Simon's website and was attracted for many reasons. First off was how informative and in depth his website was. This made it clear about what I was getting into. I could sense his enthusiasm from his writing and the epic pictures really inspired me to contact him and find out more. Upon contacting him, his enthusiasm and helpfulness sealed the deal on my decision to come to Hakkoda.

After being here for a week I don't regret a thing and wish that I had come to this place sooner. They had a ton of snow here and there was like no crowds to be found anywhere. Simon made sure that we did not cross another riders tracks the whole time that we were here. His knowledge of the mountain made sure that we got the most runs per day in the freshest powder.

Simon's help did not only take place on the mountain though. For an American new to Japan he was an indisposable wealth of knowledge of the local customs and courtesies not to mention the language which he is fluent in. The Hakkoda Resort hotel you stay in is fantastic also. The food is so fresh and delicious. There is quite a variety of it too. So if you love to ride/ski in fresh powder, be away from the crowds, eat like a king and have everything taken care of for you: contact Simon! You wont regret it.

Curt Kellogg, New York, 2/2009

I got great snow and awesome views!

I have skied for 28yrs on 4 continents at over 60 locations and I have never seen so much lift accessed powder and back country skiing as here in Hakkoda...here I have truly found powder nirvana.....so much untracked powder and terrain to be explored Hakkoda is truly unique in my experiences and stands out as one of the most unusual and mindblowing places to ski or board on the planet.....Simon is the guru of guiding and has taken me to places I could only ever dreamt of before coming to this powder treasure.Snow shoeing to the peaks of Hakkoda is truly sublime and the scenery is unique in this world....there is some effort required to access this powder heaven but this only serves to make the ski experience here one that will stay with me for ever....Hakkoda is not what I call McDonalds skiing, catch the lift up and down you come.....it is truly a place for the adventurous and those looking for a real experience of back country skiing,thank you Simon for opening my mind to a whole new way of thinking about skiing and powder snow.....arigato gozaimashita and sayonnara till next time..summer in Australia will never be the same again.......

Michael Jurd, Australia, 1/2009

Michael kneeling in front of the boys from Tokyo. Taken at the start of a blue bird day at the top of the gondola that took us to three mountains! You can barely see Mt. Iwaki in the background on the left hand side..


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