Welcome to the #1 mountain in Japan for POWDER SNOW!

What people are saying about Simon's Powder Tours:

Thank you for guiding us on the mountain and around Aomori on the way to the airport. Hakkoda is a special place. I hope it stays that way and does not become too popular, as has happened to Niseko.
We were there early March, for five clear days, Wednesday through Sunday, but we would take your advice in future and go early Feb when the powder is almost guaranteed. Even so, we had three knee-deep days out of five. Mid week, there were no queues at the cable-car but the weekends are to be avoided. Saturday, there was a half hour wait and Sunday would have been worse.
The scenery is eerily beautiful. The rime covered trees or ďsnow monstersĒ evidence the severity of the weather at the summit. The skiing is not for the faint-hearted. Skiing among these white shapes and around their, luckily shallow, tree wells and over wind formed ridges, particularly when the visibility was poor, is exciting but demanding.
It was good to have the rescue gear for the walking expeditions but, after a recent snowfall, the snow is almost as good close to the cable-car. Even so, ďbeepersĒ are probably a good idea anywhere off-piste.
The Hakkoda Sansou lodge was great, utilitarian in design but with everything you would want. I was lucky to have the one room with western beds but the others were comfortable. Our host, ďThe BanditĒ, was helpful and great fun. He gladly entertained us on several nights with his Suntory whisky and vodka-snow. The food was excellent. Most nights we cooked fresh seafood or meats, with vegetables, on the gas cookers on our table. No shortage of draft beer or Chilean wine.
If you have time as you pass through Aomori, the art gallery is a world-class architectural design and really worth seeing. There is also a museum, housing the floats used in an annual parade. which is fun to visit.

Weíll be back.

John Lance, Sydney, Australia, 3/2008

Note from Simon: John is an excellent skier at 73 years young, if he can hang with the tough rigors of Hakkoda , YOU can too!

Cousins John and Richard, two Powderhounds..

Skiing the pow under the gondola

Richard making fresh tracks down the Doozo route

Thank you so much for the guide this year again. It was the greatest run! Absolutely the best run of the season! Told Bevan and Davor about the runs we did the next day. Next year, probably we'll be in the same group. (the difference is they came back really quickly...2days total is too short...) Great that we didn't have to hike up! I was not in a shape for hiking this year.. ha, ha. I'm glad I could introduce Bill to you since Bill, Jason, Chris, Ken are my hardcore board buddies and Bill never came up to Hakkoda before. Man, it was quite an adventure for him but it was worth it or him; he said he had a great time, too. I gave my camera to Jason so he'll probably donwload/send pics to you soon. The one I took of you and Aomori city turned out very good!
Thanks a lot.

Yumi, 2/2008

Hi, Simon. I'm Gen Imai. I enjoyed today's tour very much. Everyone who attend today's tour were all nice and the view from the mountain was great! Thank you very much, and see you next time!

Gen, 2/2008

Thanks for helping make my first trip to Hakkoda so enjoyable! It was invaluable having you along (especially in English) to show us around the mountain. Great powder and great weather, I think we were definitely spoiled.... I'll definitely look to get back up there again when you are free to explore more of Hakkoda!
Click Here for some of the pictures I took.

Colin Housing, 2/2008

"Hakkoda is a trove of incredible backcountry runs for snowboarders, but it is also a mountain that carries significant risks unless you know what you're doing. This is where you'd want a seriously experienced guide like Simon to navigate you through luscious powder fields, and to avoid the flat valleys, dangerous gullies and avalanche prone areas. Snowboarding in Hakkoda is only for the dedicated powder hounds. Newbies and fair weather boarders need not apply."

Eric Yap, 2/2008

Awesome mountain, awesome powder, awesome guide. Thanks^2 ^_^
Click Here for my Pictures!

Gregory Parker, 2/2008


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