Welcome to the #1 mountain in Japan for POWDER SNOW!

What people are saying about Simon's Powder Tours:

Hey Simon, thanks for some great off-road bike rides! You have pushed me, and that is a good thing. I particularly like the trails that bear fruit (ha, ha) I mean that literally! Bulbs of garlic and funny-shaped carrots destined for dinner filled my pockets, while berries and honey suckle nectar fueled my ride, but I don't think the ride up the water-filled culvert will ever be beat. Exploring the unknown is the best, and explaining to the locals why I have a muddy stripe up my back will always be fun. I never knew smooth asphalt could be so good until after miles of seat-sensitizing gravel, and who could guess that a gear-stopping steep would be so welcome unless preceded by some hair-raising downhill. The trip around the lake will become a feature ride for me, exploring variants of the route with each trip, and I hope we'll be with you on many more jaunts through the foothills. I hope you will encourage others to join us and make these weekly events!

Rene, 8/2007

Rene starting our jaunt around Lake Ogawara. You can see the elephant cage in the background! It looked very interesting from the opposite side of the lake as well!

We start out at 8 in the morning and immediately I feel good about getting up so early. Our origin is within city limits, but biking through town is much more enlightening than driving. Simon leads us to an agricultural area and points out all of the crops being grown and the differences in Japanese agriculture and American. Before too long we hit some great trails. The trails we ride are awesome. Some are smooth and scenic. Others make you work for it. Sometimes I doubt that they are trails at all, but we always come out on the other side with a path to follow and a smile on our faces. I love this!

Mike climbing up a dirt trail in the foothills!

The best part of the whole experience is the organic connection that I make with Japan. I see things I would never see on the road: The lighthearted smiles of the locals. The pheasents we kick up while riding next to a brook. The picturesque pond with perfectly bloomed lillipads all accross the surface. There's no better way to see the countryside.And best of all, he gets me home right when he said he would. I can't wait until next time!
Thanks Simon!

Mike, 8/2007

The hike up Fuji-san was better than we expected. Not only was the weather very cooperative, but the brief rest and ramen at the Horai-kan hut was wonderful. Then again, after several hours of hiking after sunset, a sleeping bag on the hard ground would have been pretty good I guess, LOL! Sunset was taken from about station 7 and sunrise pic was taken from about 150 meters from the summit. The view was better below the summit for pictures cause the top was extremely crowded by 0430hrs. The view and sense of accomplishment of climbing the highest point in Japan made the climb up and hike/jog down sooo worth it.

Brian, 8/2007

Sunrise from Mt. Fuji

Sunset from Mt. Fuji


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