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Just had to let you know that the last two weekends of Spring riding up in the Hakkoda's were wonderful. It's a shame I am going to miss the next two weekends, which will probably the last two weekends of riding this season. There is always next year I guess. Enjoy the pics I took before my camera died.

Brian, 5/2007

Brian standing on top of the Mt.Ido crater 1550m with Mt.Odake in the near background 1584m.We toured Ido on the April 29th and did the steep backside of Odake on May 6th!

The board trip this past weekend to Hakkoda was awesome! Not only did I never imagine being out there on my board in May, the conditions were pretty sweet. Even though the snow was heavy we were all able to maintain forward momentum. Another amazing trip event was finally seeing the backside of my favorite mountain. I fell in love with the marked runs of the resort but after being introduced to the other side I have once again been amazed. If you've ever said Hakkoda is the best then you MUST see the vast back side that is completely wide open!

We started out by taking the Gondola to the top followed by a short walk up to the tower. We strapped on and headed down the back which was an exhilarating short run to the bottom. From here we had to snowshoe up to the cabin... A slow moving hike through the trees filled with good conversation. We rested at the cabin for a few minutes, catching our breath and grabbing a quick snack. From here we started up the last peak before our ride to the bottom. Not much to converse about on this hike as it was quite strenuous. We finally made it to the top and man what a view! From the highest point in the range you could see forever! We took another short break here for some photos and clothing switches. We had to board about 150 yards before we came to one of the largest open face drops I have seen on Hakkoda. A beautiful wide open ride into a valley followed by a fast run through some trees. We stopped to check out a water fall that can only be seen this time of year... Really cool! We went on about another 30 mins before stopping for lunch in a spot that had yet another amazing view. Lunch was great as we were all telling stories of adventures past. The last half of the run was a mixture of fast paced in/outs through trees and some flats that had us using ski poles to keep moving. A tactic that I believe I will also take from Simon and use on my own. Sounds odd but I can totally back him up on it! Doing this opens up a whole new range for boarders! The last little bit of crazy fun was crossing the newly opened creek bed in a spot that was still covered with the water flowing under it. From this point on (about 1 click) was a lot of pushing with the poles. Once back at the cars you look up and see the MASSIVE run you just completed and smile. Even though you have to push a little and climb a lot, the ride more than made up for it! I can't wait to get back up there again!

Simon... You Rock!

Ben Jarrels, 5/2007

Thanks Simon for taking me places I would have got lost in on my own. Also I really felt you were able to judge my skiing ability well and kept things challenging for me without taking me out of my depth. Just as important... top job on making the arrangements...gear, accommodation, advice. Overall I had a really warm week around such cheerful people...started to wonder why I should go back to Tokyo. cheers.

Zeb Brown, 4/2007

Zeb giving an apres-ski performance with his aboriginal didgeridoo
at the Hakkoda Sansou Lodge!

Thanks again for another memorable time snowboarding the back country at Hakkoda! What can I tell you....Incredible!!! I felt truly privileged experiencing all that mountain, all that terrain, all that beauty so intimately, as if I had leased the mountain for my self for a few days! And you sure knew how to pick the best routes. The conditions were spectacular. The best spring snow ever! Thanks again for giving me the heads-up to fly all the way over there from Miami and for your expertise in the guiding. I never felt short of being safe out there under your guidance.
Again, hope to see you next year!

Ken Sein, Miami, FL USA 4/2007

Ken going down the Hokibatai Route from Mt. Odake!

What a wonderful trip! Everything was way beyond my expectation. The mountain, the people, the Onsen hot spring and the powder. The powder snow in April. What a treat! It was one of the kind skiing trip. The word awesome should be used for this experience. Thank you for all your travel arrangement and guiding. You have a great knowledge and sense to find the untouched freshies even in the afternoon. I love your unique snowboard + ski poles guiding technique.

It was also very nice to meet Sean & Erin. I am glad you hooked me up with them for this trip. Sean might want to ski faster and more, and I felt a little sorry that I was pulling his leg, but you entertained us very well. It is so nice to have such a private attention from a mountain guide. I will bring my husband next time. Thank you for your guiding. I'm sure I will see you very soon.

Mau Thompson, Winter Park, CO USA 4/2007

Mau popping into the bowl off of Narusawa! We then climbed to the next peak in the background as well!

I had a very good week in Hakkoda in late March. Simon contributed to my positive experience a great deal by kindly guiding me on the mountains on a couple of days during my stay. The weather was perhaps not the most favourable which put some limits to our tour routes. However, I'm happy if I'm skiing on any slippery white surface with no rocks.

The first day when Simon and I went up the mountain we were just the two of us. Simon came up to Hakkoda only for me! I really appreciated it. He took me to a couple of nice untouched back-country slopes. The next time Simon came the weather was rather windy in the morning and the ropeway hadn't started. So with Dave and Kazu we had a little warm-up hike to the top of the ropeway. It made us feel we deserved our beer at lunch. For the last day when we had planned to meet the weather forecast said rain. The previous evening Simon told me he would come anyway if I wanted but we decided to cancel it. I always felt that Simon really cares a lot of his customers and doesn't save efforts to make everything work well. I think he is a great asset to the region!

Usually I take my skis to France or Switzerland during my spring holidays but this time I went to Hakkoda because it seemed to have much more winter-like conditions. Thanks again to Simon for giving a good first idea of the place through his helpful website! Of course, the mountains are not as big as French Alps but, I think, as a package of quite relaxed skiing, some hiking, good food and hot springs Hakkoda mountains are definitely worth visiting.

Jukka (a Finnish skier living in Shizuoka prefecture), 3/2007

Hans from Korea and Jukka riding up on the gondola!

Hi Simon,
How is the snow? I'm sorry Mick and I didn't drop you a line before, we really enjoyed your tour and Hakkoda surpassed our expectations.
It was a great weekend. We hope to be back next year. I haven't uploaded the photos yet from my camera but will be sure to send you across any good ones.

Tanya, 3/2007

Just letting you know that our powder tour in February (remember, 3 Aussies, 1 American, 2 Polish) has been the absolute highlight of our 2 years in Japan. I have never been one for hiking in the snow, but this was one of the great aspects of your tour. Hiking through the snow monsters was an amazing experience - silence, except for the crunch of our snowshoes...And of course the downhill powder was incredible! Thank you for taking us on this adventure, where I never felt our safety was at risk!
We look forward to coming back next year - I will send you a slideshow of the pics!
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Romina (one of the Aussies), 2/2007


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