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G'day Simon,
Ben here, have been reading and mulling over your website for pretty much the whole working day, not getting much done at all...!!
Can't understand why with all that powder pictures and talk of freshies all day.Especially while working on a mine in the middle of Australia!!
Anyway am interested in coming to Hakkoda for 2 weeks of skiing and would be very interested if you could give me a quote roughly on how much for the guiding, and accommodation.
Look forward to hearing back from you and any other input you may have to help me.

Well what can i say. I arrive on the Friday and it is raining.....Doooohh!! into Aomori airport and greeted by the owner of Hakkoda Sanso Lodge, `the Bandit` as he is called and takes me back to the lodge in Hakkoda, still raining and beginning to worry ,just a little. After an awesome feed an early night to bed.
Awaken to fresh snow, yeehaaa. After a massive brekky 8.30 rolls around and Simon, my guide arrives. After the formalities myself and 5 others, 2 Aussies, 2 Polish and 1 American, are bundled into the Gondola(ropeway ) as it is called here, it takes about 50 people i think but they fit 60 into it, very comfy if you like getting close to people.
It is blowing a bit and still snowing, yeehaaa. Our first run is to warm the legs up straight down into the trees and that oh so beautiful fresh powder, little rooster tails kicking up as you put a turn in, down through the snow monsters and the trees we go. Back into the gondola and at the top we put on our snowshoes, a bit of a learning curve but everyone is quick to catch on and off we go after a few simple rules for us to follow from Simon. Into the hills we go following Simon through the amazing landscape of the Hakkoda mountains. Then we come across a beautiful little pitch of untracked snow, just waiting to be ripped up by 6 eager skiers and borders, to get the first freshies in, from there it is almost like heaven(not that i have been there before).
Each day has been the same for 3 days. Different climbs,different slopes to ride. On the 3rd day is a blue bird day. Straight into the snowshoes and the climb to the top of the world. The views are amazing, N,S,E and W. Mountains rise and fall beneath us, while to the N is Aomori City and Muttsu Bay, W is the Sea of Japan and Mt. Iwaki. After checking out the extinct volcano crater and pointed out the sites and the names of the surrounding mountains(the names i cannot remember or pronounce),along with a bit of history we jump into our skis and boards and away down some glorious slopes and fresh tracks to our awaiting limo driver `the Bandit`where he whisks us back to the lodge for a well earned feed.

Ben Forster, 2/2007

I first met Simon about 6 winters ago at the Hakkoda Ropeway. I was with a group of pals and he told me how different Hakkoda was compared to other resorts. None of us had ďproperĒ Hakkoda equipment but he offered to take us on one his patented back country playgrounds. Since then I have returned almost every year, bringing along other buddies to share the wealth with Simon. This year was particularly special for one reason. You see, in the past 5 trips to Hakkoda, every time I reached the top of the mountain, all I could see was white blurry nothings. The wind would howl and my face would hurt and Simon would yell, ďWelcome to Hakkoda!Ē As much as I love snow, I always wondered if Simon was serious when he pointed one way and explained, ďÖand over there is Odake!Ē All I could see was a hazy grey snowstorm.

On February 17, our gang arrived in high spirits and we met Simon once again. Smiling as he always is, he told us we were going to love it today. When we reached the summit, he told us he asked the gods to clear the sky. With one magical wave, we could see everything surrounding us. I was able to see some peaks I had never seen before and Simon gave us an extended explanation of what Iíd been missing all these years!

In my mind, Simon has now elevated himself to guru status. He will guide you safely through beautiful scenery and even crack some jokes with you. The next time you plan a trip to Hakkoda, remember that Simon IS Hakkoda.

Satoshi Oka, 2/2007

Satoshi up to his butt in you know what!

Tosh makin' first tracks down Mt. Maedake

Hello, My name is Koji Kakuta who joined your tour with Oka-san. I really enjoyed your tour and it was one of the my best powder experience ever. I believe that I could not have such a fun ride except your support. Thank you very much and see you next year!

Koji Kakuta, 2/2007

Koji having a bowl for breakfast!


Billy, 2/2007

Billy coming down Mt. Maedake: starting to look like a PRO

Billy and the boys from Misawa ready to go back country on a rare bluebird day!


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