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Hakkoda lived in my head for several years. Photos showed a fascinating place and everyone told me it was awesome. So, when I went there for the first time, my expectations were extremely high.
Hakkoda was better than I could imagine. I make my living with words and I don't really know any to express the experience. It makes all the other resorts seem so insignificant in comparison.
The moment I exited the tram ropeway, cold air blasted me. Quickly, I got through the building that serves as a receiving station for the tram and as a rest stop/snackbar. When I walked outside, cold air again blasted me and the change in visibility was shocking. You could see for maybe 30-40 meters...no more.
The first two days of riding were like starting snowboarding all over again. All I did was fall. The experience of riding with ski poles and a backpack combined with very tight trees and bumpy terrain was more than I could handle. By the third day, things started coming together and by the fourth day things made sense. Don't be confused - I had a lot of fun the first two days. I just wasn't very good at riding. By the end of the trip, I was a much, much better snowboarder than when I arrived.
Hakkoda's attractions are the things that make riding a bit more difficult. It offers fields of deep powder bordered by trees holding more deep powders. We rarely saw any groomed terrain. In fact, we rarely saw anyone else riding/skiing. Its beauty cannot be emphasized enough...it is magnificent...more than any photo or words will ever describe.
I will be back as soon as possible...definitely this year and several times each year in the years to come.
A review of Hakkoda is incomplete without talking about our guide (Simon Bernard). He is patient, funny, and, most important of all; he knows where the secret stashes of powder are hidden. He keeps you safe and smiling the entire time. He even gives you valuable riding tips. No one should ever attempt Hakkoda without a guide and I'm fully impressed with Simon's skills. He may be the biggest bargain of all.
If you snowboard or ski and you love the backcountry, Hakkoda is the place. Go today...don't wait.
Bryant Pierpont, 2/2007

Bryant slicing through the powder down the Mokkozawa

Unreal are the only words I can think of to describe this place. It pukes snow all the time--in that good way that makes powder hounds hop from one foot to another in excitement. You know that feeling when you're standing in line on a sick powder day waiting for first chair, when you know the best run you will have all day will be the one you have when get off the first chair? Well every run is like that. I only skiied the front of the mountain, and while the runs are fairly low angle, it's blower over your head through perfectly spaced beech trees EVERY RUN. And while there is hiking to be done, these are the runs you can get riding the gondola. It feels like cheating because I've only gotten runs like this I've hiked for. Then to top it all off, you can stay at a wonderful inn, right at the base of the mountain(the Hakkoda Sanso Lodge), eat an amazing gourmet meal and soak in a hot Japanese bath. I know Japan is famous the world over for it's politeness and hospital ity, but this place goes above and beyond while still making you feel right at home. The Sansyo is a truly special place.

I'm sure the secret's out on skiing in Japan. My advice, if you're going to make the trip, skip the crowded resorts and opt for uncrowded powder bliss in Hakkoda.

Liz, 1/2007

PS:Note from Simon: This is Liz's 2nd time at Hakkoda and she wrote this at the Hakkkoda Sanso after another awesome day of powder.
To see more pictures and read Liz's blog after her first trip to Hakkoda go to: http://hakkodapowder.blogspot.com

Liz can shred powder with the best of them

She can fly through the tightest of trees like no one I have seen (on skis)

But what goes up...

Must come down... (Face plants are good for the humble soul)!

Hakkoda is unlike any other snowboarding experience I have had in Japan. It was very beautiful and almost felt that you were in a fantasy land of snow. If you have never been to Hakkoda, it is a must that you go with a guide for your first time...Simon Bernard is highly recommended. You will need someone to point you in the right direction until you are familiar with the course and you will definitely need someone to help you out of the massive amount of powder you will continually fall in to!! It is an awesome experience and one you must experience while in Japan.Thanks Simon!!

Valerie Bell/John Bell/Jennifer Pittman/Roger Pittman, 1/2007

Recently my girlfriend Helen and I went to Hakkoda-san for a snowboarding trip. We are currently teaching English in Japan and needed to get away for our New Years holiday. Before moving here two months ago we were checking out Simon's website from the States and salivating over the pictures of snow ghosts and the amazing backdrops that we now realize make Hakkoda-san one of the best kept secrets of Japan. Rest assured, anything that anyone says on this website is true.

The first two days were spent learning to ride with poles and breaking trail in some very difficult conditions, but the second two days were immaculate. We were riding 20+ cm of fresh the first day and 35+ the second day. Simon does a great job of finding the right spots for the right conditions.

We liked it so much there that we are trying right now to transfer closer to this mountain in the green forest prefecture so we can experience all that Hakkoda-san has to offer.
"Otsukare sama"

Preston Cummings, 1/2007

Preston & Helen

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