Welcome to the #1 mountain in Japan for POWDER SNOW!

What people are saying about Simon's Powder Tours:

A reader letter from the National Geographic Adventure Magazine. June/July, 2006 issue ragarding the article about Simon's Tours that appeared in the February 2006 issue.

Hi, Simon. As we said when we were driving back to Misawa, the fireworks were simply gorgeous; and it seemed never endingóit didnít seem like five hoursówith little or no breaks between presentations. It was outstanding. But equally outstanding was the graciousness of our Japanese hostess and host and their family and friends. In spite of our very limited Japanese language skills, they made the evening so very enjoyable by making us feel as if we were part of their family as well. It was a fun filled afternoon and evening with good food, good drink, good friends and outstanding fireworks. Thanks to all.

Urania and Garry Brown, Misawa Air Base, 8/2006

Watching another blast at the 80th annual Omagari Fireworks competition

Once again, thank you for all your help in making this canoe trip a wonderful experience. It took both of us to make this trip a great success; your knowledge of Japan/speaking the language and navigating the trip was CRUCIAL combined with my experience of navigating the canoe down river.
Thanks again and see you when I return from Iraq.

Brian, 8/2006

日曜日はサイモンのガイドで楽しいハイキングができました。どうもありがとう。 サイモンには自分では気づけない足もとの小さな花たちの存在も教えてもらいまし た。途中、天気が悪くなり雨が降り出しても安心してハイキングを続けられたのも サイモンのおかげですね。普段の生活から離れて八甲田の景色と空気で思いっきりリ フレッシュできました。またよろしくお願いしますね!

Naoko Katsura, 7/2006

Rare Japanese flowers called Iwabukuro about ready to bloom on the crater around Mt. Ido-dake

Tiny red blossoming moss flowers growing on the sides of sulfuric smelling dormant volcanoes


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