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Hi Simon,
Thank you so much for the tour on Sun. It was definitely the best snowboarding I have ever done. I really enjoyed it and can't wait for the next one already. I will need to train Dominic (beginner snowboarder boyfriend) and he has to go next time!
I was so lucky to join your tour.
Thank you very much, Simon!!

Mariko, 3/2006

Hey Simon, thanks again for a great weekend. You definitely saved what would have been a brutal weekend on the icy gondola runs!

Here is James' website w/ the pics we took on Yumi's camera. Some good ones:


Chris tried putting your web sight link on his snowjapan blog but seems that you are not allowed to independently advertise, or something...but don't worry, we are spread the word!

Warm Regards,

Jason Fishelberg, 2/2006

Having heard so much about Hakkoda, I had for many years planned to go there but had until this year not been able to put something together. Finally this year I found a partner in crime (Rob) with whom I could go and shredd the famous Hakkoda backcountry. Having spent countless hours on the net trying to gather some info before our trip, 2 things became clear fairly quickly: 1) It is extremely easy to get lost when riding Hakkoda including when just going very slightly off-piste 2) It is a mountain with some serious weather that cannot be taken lightly. These 2 points put together on top of our desire to stray a bit further out from the usual routes led us to our decision to look for a guide with the proper knowledge of the area and its intricacies. As they say, every road leads to Rome, and in our case, every research we did on the topic led us to Simon. Since we were riding a bit early in the season I was wondering about the snow base and wether all BC routes would be feasible. As it turned out, there was more than enough with a 3m base. My expectations were set pretty high, but I was still surprised by the whole experience. The beauty of the mountain with its snow monsters, the constant light effects due to the weather conditions are simply breath-taking. As for the snow, well, 40-50cm of fresh overnight on both days we were there, nothing to complain about. Thankfully, Simon knows this mountain like the back of his pocket (been riding it for 15+ years I believe) and we were able to get some awsome lines in a variety of terrain. As far as I am concerned, over my years in Japan I have had my best powder lines during my trip to Hakkoda. Simon's knowledge of the moutain allowed us to enjoy our backcountry experience without having to worry about having to hike out of a deep creek or getting stuck on the wrong side of the moutain. On every run we were able to get some light deep fluffy untracked powder, which meant that we had to break trail most of the time. Simon was always up front eagerly doing the hard work and leading us the safest route. What an awsome place and a fantastic week-end. I will be back for more!!!
Thanks again!

Serre Che, 12/2005

Thanks Simon for an awesome weekend of powder!!! Maybe we were a bit lucky with the weather and the abundant fresh snow, but it was probably some of the best snowboarding in Japan I've done. I will definitely be back to join you on another Hakkoda tour and would thoroughly recommend anyone interested in shredding the "best' bc mountain in the country. I thought you had a very professional attitude and it made for a great weekend of boarding.
Thanks again!

Rob Keay, 12/2005

Snowboarding in the backcountry in the Hakkoda Range

I headed to Hakkoda with mixed feelings. Although quite fearless, I had only been truly snowboarding for a season (I used to be a skier before though) and was rather intimidated by Hakkoda's reputation of it not being an easy place, definitely not a resort (not that I like them) and only for the more experienced riders. All proved to be true but there is one thing they don't tell you about this place: with a good guide even someone like me can truly have an experience of a lifetime.
What I will remember from my stay in Hakkoda is not just the sites though I'm sure not to ever forget them, but the overwhelming feeling of my guide, Simon, being in control thus making me feel safe and making every effort to ensure I had an unforgettable and experience.
On the first couple of trips, before taking me on some more demanding ones, he gave me my first taste of riding on powder. Only once I "passed the powder test" I was able to join in on some more exciting escapades. All was my first time, not just the incredible powder I had the privilege to ride on (and frequently fall into): the snow shoes, the hiking on snow with them, the full-on off-piste experience.
By the time I had to leave I was sure to be coming back soon for some more of this amazing staff. And I will Simon, I will!
And for all those still dithering whether or not to go to Hakkoda I say this: I've been around a fair bit, skied not only in Japan but also many places in Europe and can say with confidence - here's a unique, beautiful place with so much to offer you are unlikely to ever get bored of it.

Kasia, 5/2005

Snow Monsters casting long shadows


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