Welcome to the #1 mountain in Japan for POWDER SNOW!

Simon's Guided Tours and Fees

There are many Japanese guides at Hakkoda but my team is the only one that speaks both English and Japanese (and German too!)

Tours are open to all snowboarders/skiers/telemarkers

Michael, Jeff, Simon & Ryan

The Simon's Hakkoda Powder Snow Tours team:
Michael, Jeff, Simon & Ryan

Cell phone:
090 - 55 - 99 - 88 - 90

Home phone:
0176 - 54 - 2927

Email: bernard@infoaomori.ne.jp


Hakkoda Powder Guides Information

Tours: Daily Tours run approximately from 9am to 3pm.

Guiding fee: One day 9000 yen/person

This does not include ropeway ticket or rental equipment. Weather conditions, snowfall and general mountain conditions determine the day. Runs can be anywhere from 45minutes, one, two or 2 and a half hours from base to return. Combination of these make up the dayís riding. Front country and back country often combined. One reason people like going on my tour rather than the Japanese guided tour is I have a limit (MAX 8) to how many people I can take. For you who have been out with me and seeing 25 to 50 or more people on other tours, you know what I mean!

Equipment: ALL tours off-piste, front or back country require the following safety items: Avalanche beacon, skins or snowshoes, backpack that can carry skis or boards for non-skinners & poles.

Rental gear: For safety on the mountain, we are unable to guide ANYWHERE off piste without the BC kit in case of any condition arising where it is needed to exit the mountain in a safe and timely manner. Safety on the mountain for our guests overrides all other consideration. While most people bring their own gear, we are more than happy to rent BC gear for those who do not have their own. You must have gear to go on our tour whether you need to use it or not. There is no refund for any gear that is unused on any day.

Food: water bladder or bottle advisable (tubes on camelbacks often freeze) also snack items like nuts, chocolate, power bars, etc.

Lunch break: We return to the mountain base approximately 11:30 to noon for a short lunch stop at the Park Lodge where you can find a variety of hot meals at very reasonable prices. Cash only.

Gondola (ropeway): 5 time pass - 5,050yen, 1 time - 1,850yen. Credit card OK. No expiry date (even good next season) on the 5 time ticket but you cannot share them at the same run with others. One month ticket 14,500yen plus 200yen cash for the photo. The lift is a different company but you can buy a one month unlimited gondola & lift pass for 20,000yen. These can be purchased only a the gondola station.

Lift Pass: One day, half day and punch ticket also available for lift (cash only), there is a small discount for some of them if you buy them at the front desk of the Hakkoda Resort Hotel if you are staying there. Single rides are also available. Otherwise tickets can be bought at the Park Lodge.

Payment & Cancellation Policy for Group Tours:

Booking and Payment: In order to book a place on a trip you will be required to send a deposit of 50% of the total price of the trip. A signed Terms and Conditions of Booking form and waiver form with the balance of your payment will be due on the day of arrival IN CASH. There are no ATMs near Hakkoda and only a few in the city, cash up before you come to Aomori.

Cancellation Charges: Any cancellations on the part of the client must be made in writing and the charges will be determined by the date of the cancellation. The client also agrees to pay for the return remittance fees.
The schedule of these charges is as follows: Loss of the deposit when cancellations are made less than 60 days before the tour departure. 100% of the total trip price will be charged for any cancellations made after payment. It is a requirement for all clients to provide evidence of travel insurance for the trip upon arrival. Hakkoda Powder Snow tours reserves the right to cancel a scheduled trip due to unforeseen circumstances (ie. guide unavailability.) Inclement weather does not affect the guideís ability to continue the tour. Any amendments involving reducing the number of days guiding and or the number of people will be treated as a cancellation.

Private tours: I can take you or only you and your group when you book me in advance as a private tour. Fees are 50,000 yen (up to 4 people). 55,000 yen for 5, 6 or 7 people. A 50% deposit is required for private tours. Regular rates apply to 8 people. For those on a private tour, we will supply any back country rental equipment you need at half price. Regular rates apply to 8 people.

Trip Guides/Laws: The guide will ensure the safety and welfare of the clients on the trip at all times and therefore their decision will be final on all matters. If in any circumstance the client refuses to co-operate with the guide on any matter, or abide by the laws of Japan, the guide can dismiss the client from the trip and they will forfeit the right to any refund. Safety on the mountain overrides all other considerations on the mountain.

Claims and Complaints: If a client has a complaint they must inform the guide while on the trip so the guide has a chance to rectify the situation. Any further claim or complaints must be made in writing and submitted to Hakkoda Powder Snow Tours no later than 30 days after the trip and we will do our best to resolve the situation satisfactorily.

Liability and Release: All services and arrangements made by Hakkoda Powder Snow Tours are made on the condition that Hakkoda Powder Snow Tours will not be held responsible for any injury, death, loss, damage or irregularity which may occur through acts of carrying out the service or arrangements. We will not accept liability for circumstances outside our control such as robbery, sickness, wars, riots, strikes, delays or other unforeseeable or unavoidable occurrences. Liability & Release form will be supplied on arrival.

Photographic Release: Clients agree to permit Hakkoda Powder Snow Tour guides and guests to take either film or digital photographs of the trip. Clients understand and agree that these may be used for commercial or promotional purposes.

Equipment: Clients agree to treat any rental equipment as if it were their own, and if damaged or destroyed will agree to be responsible for the equipment cost, including any costs for shipping.

In Addition: Knowing that many of you do not speak Japanese and coming from another country can be a challenge, it is my pleasure to help you make reservations, give advice, help you figure out the best way to get up & down the mountain from the train station or airport, and any other questions you have.
Please understand that I do not make any commission from the hotel or anyone else to do this. Tipping is at the discretion of the customer.


About The Guide: Simon Bernard is an American who has lived in Aomori for over 25 years. A former skier and now a snowboarder of over 20 years, he works for local Japanese government offices promoting local tourism and events. Simon often snowboards over 100 days a season, and he has worked to improve the service in and information about Hakkoda. Any questions about Hakkoda can be sent to him at: bernard@infoaomori.ne.jp



Photos by Mitsuru Kawasaki