Amateur Radio

November 9th, 2007

I finally got ranked for the award I am working on for amateur radio The certificate came and it was issued on my birthday so it was a pleasant surprise. Check out my call sign of 7J7ACT, ranked 8th at the JCA Rankings page

August 17th, 2007

I was able to travel to the Kansai region of Japan during the Obon Holidays to enjoy my other hobby of Amateur Radio.
Thanks to JA3PIO Mr. Sekimori and JA3JWU Mr. Okada, the trip was great success.
The highlight was going to Mt. Otowa in Nara Prefecture where for 3 days and 2 nights I stayed at the ham shack of JE3DRT, Mr. Izuhara.

Their Ham Club built this 4 story tree house on top of an 800 meter mountain.

The 2nd floor was recently renovated and acts as a living, bedroom and dining room. The 3rd and 4th floors for operating radios and the roof has the antennae as well as a look out over Kansai and an excellent place to watch the sunset.

There are yagis for 144MHz and 430MHz as well as a GP for 50MHz. We also brought a 4 element yagi for 50MHz not shown.

(Not shown but a special thanks also to JF3EFL!)

Afterwards we met some more local hams for lunch and dinner.
Overall I was able to make over 500 contacts with many new suffixes that I need for the JCA award that I am working on.
What an exciting way to spend the Obon holidays. See you next week, August 25th and 26th at the Ham Fair at the BIGSITE in Tokyo!