Photos of Hakkoda Trip December 2005 by Serre Che -- Page 2

Top of the ridge before droping down on the right side for first lines in untracked powder. Group of Japanese local boarders/skiers followed our trail and arrived a couple minutes later. They thanked us for breaking trail and let us drop down first

View of the face we just shredded from the bottom

Zoom-in of the face we just rode down. You can notice a group on the right side plus a couple of guys up top

Nice light effects with the snow monsters. Near the top of the Gondola

View of ridge for which we broke trail early in the morning. If you have some good eyes you can guess it. Now late in the afternoon, and a single guy is hiking it...

Another "freezer" picture. Top of the gondola

The 430 repeater at the top of the mountain. Nicely frosted of course!

Wonder what these trees look like under their heavy coating of ice and snow