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Simon's Aomori Sightseeing Tours

Most people know that I do all- year round snow, snow-shoe, mountain biking and hiking tours. But did you know I also do one -day sightseeing tours as well?

If you are visiting Japan or stationed in Japan and your folks are coming in and you would like to give them & yourselves an in-depth understanding of the scenic, cultural and secret spots that Aomori Prefecture has to offer. Contact me today! My fees are less than half the price you would pay for a private guide in Tokyo, Kyoto or Osaka!

See what the people have to say:

Simon!-Thank you for the amazing tour through Japan. We had a blast! From the second we met you, we felt like we had been friends with you our entire lives. You showed us breathtaking views that most people could only dream about from magazines. The beautiful waterfalls, mountains, and lakes were so serene. We also will never be able to forget about that mouth watering steak we had for lunch, it was so delectable! Thank you again!

Marybeth Tkac, December 10, 2015

* * *

Huge plug for Simon. We had friends visit from D.C. and wanted to make sure they got a taste of Tohoku during their short visit. Simon worked with us on developing a sightseeing and hiking tour that accommodated our needs (considering we were hiking with a 30 lb bowling ball of a kiddo). Our friends had an absolute blast. I learned a ton despite having been in Misawa for two years and having hiked Hakkoda a couple times. It was well worth the price and I highly recommend his services.

Eric Hergenroeder, August 30, 2015

* * *

We would like to thank Simon and Mika for a fabulous day exploring the Aomori area of Japan. They were extremely knowledgeable and helped us understand a little of Japanese culture. Simon's love of his adopted country was evident in everything he showed us. From the snow monsters on Mount Hakkoda and the beautiful scenery around the area to the Nebuta Festival Museum and the Big Buddha Temple.
The narrow roads winding to the mountain top and down were navigated quickly by Simon to give us an experience never to be forgotten. The whole day was great fun from beginning to end. If you are ever lucky enough to be in Northern Japan and need a guide Simon is the guy to call.

Larry & Meg Ritchie, February, 2015

* * *

We only had a few weeks in Misawa and wanted to explore the area but did not know where to start. Simon was recommended to us to be able to suggest the best places to see based on our time frame. He took us on a two-day tour of the Aomori prefecture. The first day hiking on Mount Hakkoda where the view was breathtaking and he shared his extensive knowledge about the region, the people, and the wildlife. We also visited a Japanese bath house. The next day we saw wild horses and more beautiful vistas. We visited a Buddhist temple and learned information about the temple site. Simon is someone who knows the customs and language of the Aomori prefecture and we would recommend him as a guide for those interested in exploring the area surrounding Misawa.

Hope to be back soon,

Susan and Ryan, September, 2013

Ryan & Susan standing on the precipice of the Mt. Akakura volcanic crater!

Wild horses at the Cape Shiriya lighthouse, the most northeastern part of Honshu Island!

* * *

My wife and I had a great one day tour with Simon. He provided prompt service and there was literally no wasted time that we have experienced on other tours. We were continually on-the-move in a very positive way. It is obvious that Simon not only knows the language, culture, and history of the area but that he passionate about the people, country and environment. From agriculture to religion he has a great working knowledge of Misawa and the surrounding area. Throughout the day it was obvious that that he enjoyed talking with the people we met, especially school children. He has taught English to Japanese children for many years, the stories surrounding his experiences made the driving tour very enjoyable. From snowboarding, social media, radio show host, teaching, skiing to public relations Simon has 'done it all.' We kept asking questions through out the tour and he never let us down with his answers or his insights. Simon's connections with the military and the air base are obvious with the Out the Gate" website and support services. As former military we know the importance of getting GIs, especially new arrivals in a country to experience the area and host country. His work on behalf of Misawa AFB is quite obvious and we encourage others to 'travel with Simon' for a truly positive experience.

Dennis "Denny" and Dora Elbert, June 14, 2013

* * *

Simon, thanks so much for our tour. We wouldn't have ventured into the mountains by ourselves and would have missed a spectacular sight! The whole day was a treasure, we loved the sights, fresh spring water, cute-as-anything bakery, and lunch, which was some of the best food we have eaten in Japan. We look forward to our next tour with you!

Danielle Elbert Hoyt

Poking around a Shinto shrine

Enjoying the transitional view between spring & summer!

* * *

Thank you for taking my parents on such a wonderful adventure! It is hard to balance work and visitors. You provided an affordable and fun day trip when we couldn't. We have been hearing about their trip for the past three days!

The Carollo Family, April 1, 2013

Jingoku Numa: a steaming, volcanic body of water; aka Hell's Pond

* * *

I really appreciated Simon agreeing to take us out to the Hakkoda Mountains at such a short noticed. He was willing to share with us his incredible knowledge of this community as well. Simon was amazing with the kids and kept them interested in our adventures (as we all know how hard it is at times to keep our kids amused in sight seeing trips). Our adventures included a lava pond, a drink from a spring of fresh mountain water, custard, a shrine and a hike in the beautiful Hakkoda mountains. This will definitely be a day of many great memories.

Melissa Pearce, October 14th, 2012

This trip was three adults and five kids from 2 to 5 years old!

* * *

Thank you Simon for an amazing day! You gave us an experience we would not have had, had it not been for your knowledge and excitement for this area! We can get too caught up in the "getting there" and forget about the adventures leading up to the starting line. Thanks for helping us take it all in. You were amazing with the kids. We so appreciate you taking your time to show us a good time. We look forward to more adventures with you soon!

Libby Erkmann Harris

* * *

We went on a tour with Simon Bernard this week and had a great time. We are visiting our son and daughter-in-law and this is our first visit to Japan. They arranged the tour of the area so we could see more of the sights and local events. We took the mountain roads to Aomori and stopped at several shrines along the way. Simon tailored the tour to my husbandÔŅĹs interest in farming and showed him some of the local crops and discussing the local farming techniques. We traveled the Hakkoda ropeway around the mountains and unfortunately the day was foggy so we could not see the splendor of the beautiful vistas but we were able to get the flavor of the entire region. We had a wonderful lunch after viewing the floats of the Aomori Nebuta festival while they were preparing for the parade. Simon knows all the ins and outs of the area and was able to get us into places and to meet some wonderful local people. We had a marvelous time and would definitely recommend him for a memorable tour of the area.

The Perkins from Pennsylvania, USA

* * *

While visiting my son in Japan I took a tour with Simon Bernard, an American who has been in Northern Japan for almost 25 years. He is without a doubt one of the most interesting, personable and intriguing individuals that I have ever met and had the pleasure to spend a day with! I spent a day with Simon driving to and from Misawa to Lake Towada, taking a guided boat tour of Lake Towada and riding the gondola to the top of Hakkoda Mountain. SimonÔŅĹs knowledge of Northern Japan is literally incredible. EVERYTHING about my day with Simon was pleasant, informative and enjoyable. Simon has a knack for sharing local history and culture with information and fact that is entertaining and almost spellbinding.

Bob Hultz, Quincy, IL USA

* * *

I want to say thanks again for the fantastic tour a few weeks ago. While this was the second visit to Japan for my in-laws, it was the first time for their friends and the first visit to Northern Japan for all of them.
Their visit was comprised of a week in Tokyo, three days in Kyoto, and four days in Misawa. While they had guided walking tours in both Tokyo and Kyoto, we found your tour much more fulfilling and exciting. The tour guides in Tokyo and Kyoto did fully explain the places we visited they gave the basic 'tourist' speech.
However, your tour of Misawa and Aomori not only provided information about the places we visited but also with more information on the local people and cultures.
It was fascinating to learn about the fresh water spring and how the local people feel about it. Stopping by for the free tea was also impressive because we would have never of thought to just 'stop and try the free tea'. Your knowledge of the local people and customs left a lasting impression on them and us as well.
Thank you again for the tour. I've uploaded our pictures from the trip to our picasaweb site (www.picasaweb.com/waltons.mail). Once there, simply click on the album named "Simon". Feel free to download and keep any of the pictures there. After all, if it weren't for you and your fantastic tour we would have never had any of them!!

Thanks again,

Joe & Suzanne Walton

The whole Walton family getting in the act of pushing one of the giant "Nebuta" festival floats!

After all the sightseeing, it was time for a bit of gourmet feasting at the best restaurant in Aomori City!

My day with you was more than I'd hoped for. Your knowledge of Aomori, Misawa and the surrounding area was so informative. As a tourist from the states visiting Japan I was not too enthusiastic about the trip. I was looking forward to seeing my new granddaughter and grandson. When my daughter Sarah suggested calling you to guide me around the area I was a little skeptical. Needless to say I enjoyed my experience tremendously. Knowing the language, where the nice restaurants were and your outdoor experiences just added a nice touch to the day. I would recommend anyone visiting Northern Japan or visiting people in the military there to take a day and spend it with you as their guide. My trip was to Japan was completed with my time with you.

Mike Shaddick, Scottsbluff, Nebraska, 8/2010

Mike, Sarah Cross's dad, getting the "zen" experience at the big Buddah's giant temple bell in Aomori during our one day sight-seeing tour.

Here are my parents' favorite photos from Monday, so you can pick the ones you want to post :)
The fall colors at Oirase Gorge and Lake Towada were exquisite, and only
enhanced by your expertise and knowledge of the area. Thank you for tailoring our walks to accommodate two seniors and a toddler. What a perfect family day!

Grace & Peace,

Renee for the Beyeas and the Richards, 10/2009

PS The taxi picks us up in about 30 min for our great Hakodate adventure...more on that when we return.

Note from Simon:
After our all day tour at Lake Towada I took them to a travel agent who hooked them up with a trip to Hakodate City which will include a round trip train ride underneath the 2nd longest undersea tunnel in the world and hotel reservations with a seaside view and their own private hot springs bath on their balcony among other things! How may I help you?

Everyone enjoying the view of the autumn colors on the Yasumiya peninsula jetting out into Lake Towada!