Welcome to the #1 mountain in Japan for POWDER SNOW!

Hakkoda Videos!

Come ski/board backcountry untracked powder snow with us in Hakkoda on a bluebird day. The only place you could ever see something more beautiful... well you would have to die and go to Heaven!

Hike and board with us from the top of Mt. Odake 1584m and Mt. Iwaki 1625m, the two highest mountains in Aomori Prefecture, Japan. Two days of perfect spring snow starting down the 5km Hokibatai route the first day and the 10km Yayoi route the next.

Two days of awesome spring snow! Day 1 we had Hakkoda all to ourselves as the gondola shut down and we were the only ones to climb it. Day 2 was the spectacular 10km. run from the top of Mt. Iwaki, the tallest mountain in Aomori! Special thanks to Yuu who edited this video.

Chris, Yumi and the boys from Tokyo came up again for a 2 day tour. Join us as we enjoy two bluebird days of spring-like snow PS: Anyone interested in adding a soundtrack to it let me know and I will send you the original.