What's New at Hakkoda?    

Updated 11/19/16! Good bye dear friend...
Today, the mountain has lost her way, as her guide has gone to G*d, snowboarding with him in heaven... I miss you so much, my brother... Love, your Noriko (editor of HakkodaPowder website)

Updated 6/24/16! Special intermediate group tour slated for next season!
Hakkoka can be challenging at any level. If you have been hesitant to book us for lack of experience in deep powder snow or any other reason, we will setting a day where will go a bit slower without any pressure of others waiting for you. Book us now for Friday February 24th, 2017. Thanks!

Updated 1/1/16! I can't believe another year has gone by!
Happy New Year! The first couple months of the year are almost all booked up! Thank you everyone for booking early!

Updated 9/9/14! Dates are filling up fast!
For all you cool cats that are thinking about coming to (or back to) Hakkoda this season. You might want to check the calendar out, we are filling up fast with many dates full already!

Updated 6/22/14! Hakkoda; The POWDER BEAST!
Snow Action Magazine, the ďtravel bibleĒ of worldwide snow has just come out with their largest edition yet! Inside you will find that they were ecstatic about Hakkoda after their visit to us last season and wrote a great review about Hakkoda and yours truly.
If you are in OZ, you can easily pick up a hard copy. The link for people to get app version all formats is here!

Updated 3/20/14! We are having a great year for snow!
Our base hit the 4.3 meter mark (that's 14 feet)! Looks like we will be touring into late May again this year! In the meantime check out what what Hakkoda offers: Powder Paradise!

Updated 2/3/14! How sweet it has been!
January has come and gone with 9 meters of snowfall! We are having the busiest season so far and are unfortunately now turning away people who either are making plans too late (we purposely keep our tours small) or are unable to get accommodations last minute! This is one reason Hakkoda will never turn into a "Niseko" type of resort, thank goodness! There are only a few places to stay on the mountain and commuting from downtown Aomori is near impossible without a car and not recommended anyway. Be sure to check out the new decals that we now have available for your board or skis. The ones with the map (see picture) are our hottest sellers!

Updated 1/14/14! Hakkoda powder bliss!
Yes, we had another 55cm of fresh light powder today! But more than that, 5.35 meters of snow has fallen in the first 2 weeks of January alone! My clients say that on a scale of 1 to 10, the quality and depth of today's snow is between a 9 and a 10! But, me thinks it's an eleven!

Updated 1/1/14! Akemashite Omedetou Gozaimasu 2014!
Thanks to everyone who booked early! Please BE SURE you check the calendar before making plans to come out here; I am fully booked, or almost full on most days and hotel reservations are getting hard to come by, especially on weekends in Jan/Feb! Happy New Year indeed! See you soon!

Updated 12/24/13! Ho Ho Ho!
We had a great start to the season with our first backcountry tour on December 22nd! The conditions were much better than I expected and the sun came out in the morning as well as the snow monsters! Fun for all!

Updated 8/01/13! Tours are filling up fast!
We are already getting a lot of bookings for the 2013/2014 season. So let us know as soon as possible your plans to get your fix for your powder addiction! In the meantime to wet your appetite, here's a new video of Hakkoda from Powderhounds!

Updated 2/23/13! Come shred some virgin powder!
While we are having another great year, I would like to remind everyone because we limit the number of people on the tour and the limited accommodations on the mountain, please, please make advanced reservations for the tour & accommodations. We have had to turn so many people away who are trying to make last minute requests. Thanks!
BTW, you might want to take some time to watch one of the best short vids ever made of our tour at Hakkoda. See us shred virgin powder in the back country on a blue bird day!

Updated 1/12/13! Happy New Year!
And what a great start for the new year with RECORD BREAKING SNOW right at the start of the season! We have had 525cm of snow thus far, since the 1st of the year. Hakkoda is rockin'! Last year we were still touring in June, we may be doing that again this year too! Don't forget to friend me on FB where I put up the pictures of what we are doing almost daily. Looky here!
And here is the new music/video of our January 1st - 3rd tour:

Updated 12/12/12! Let It Snow! Let It Snow! Let It Snow!
Hakkoda is already open and it won't be long before we start the back country tours. Thanks to everyone who has booked with me this year. PLEASE check my calendar to make sure I am not fully booked before you make your plans! See you soon!

Updated 8/18/12! It's that time again!
I just wanted to say "THANK YOU" to everyone who came out on the tour last season. We had the busiest year yet with more customers staying longer than any season so far! We also had the best snow season since 2005/6 and were still doing spring snow tours as late as June!
After a busy day at Hakkoda, it has been easier to update what we are doing on the mountain on my Facebook page rather than on the website. So may I suggest you become friends with me https://www.facebook.com/simon.bernard.121 to not only stay abreast with winter activities but all the neat things we do throughout the year!
I am already getting bookings for the 2012/13 season, so make your bookings early to be assured of getting on the tour. See you at Hakkoda!

Updated 7/16/12! Hakkoda: Strong wind and snow monster mountain!
This is the movie trailer for the documentary that you will not want to miss:

Updated 7/14/12! Come to the 2012 Nango Summer Jazz Festival Saturday, July 28th!
Only two short weeks away! Jazz and nothing but jazz in an outdoor amphitheater surrounded by mother nature! You won't want to miss performances by some of jazz's greatest artists, including Shinpei Ruike 4 Piece Band, the Grant Stewart Quartet and the Naoko Terui Quartet!
You can find all the information you need by clicking right here.

Updated 1/29/12! Come on one of my tours via video!
The following video was shot during our first tour of the year, on January 1 & 2, by Yu and Jun Suzuki, who return every year. The scenes will make your heart long to be here and the shamisen music itself is a treat! So what are you waiting for?!

Updated 1/1/12! HAPPY NEW YEAR 2012!
Hakkoda is ready for the 2012 season with a deep base and a lot more snow to come. And just so you know, Hakkoda has the highest snow base of any resort in Japan! The only thing missing is YOU! Be sure you check my calendar before making plans as I am really starting to get booked up.
Here are some pictures to tempt you! See you soon!


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