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Updated 8/17/07! Simon's Tour Goes To The Stars!
While the earth was making its annual trip through the Persied meteors, we headed up to the highest mountain in Shichinohe town just a 45 min. drive from Misawa. For centuries people have gazed into the starry sky with wonderment and have seen swiftly moving shooting stars during mid-August. We were not disappointed! We saw many blazing across the cool evening sky some like a giant sword cutting the sky in two! We also picked the right night as the Towada fireworks could also be seen in the distance.

Although I did not get a picture of the meteor shower, Matsubayashi-san took a great one of the Milky Way.

Updated 8/1/07! If you haven't seen it yet....
You might want to check out the bottom left of the index bar. There you can not only see how many visitors have been checking out the site for the past 24 hours, but you can also see a breakdown of which countries as well since just the end of July. My thanks to all who check out the site!

Updated 7/19/07! This Week Fuji Next Week Hakkoda
I am off the Mt. Fuji for the weekend but want to let you know that I am planning a morning off road bike ride for Saturday the 28th and a Hakkoda hike on Sunday the 28th. If you are interested in coming with us either day or both send me an email for details.

Taking a break for a photo op while riding by Swan Lake in Shimoda
L to R: Brian, Mike, Mike and Renee. Hard to see are two swans in the background (between Brian and Mike) that have not made their way back to Siberia. We come across a lot of wild birds on the bike tours.

Updated 7/15/07! Check out Simon's brand new calendar!
If you are thinking of coming to Hakkoda this season, you will want to check out the dates to see if I am privately booked or semi-privately booked meaning spots on the tour for that day are scarce.This will help you work around the dates to plan your trip! See it here.

Updated 6/21/07! New article, photos & News!
An article about Hakkoda was just published recently by Star and Stripes in a magazine called See Japan. The magazine is devoted to tourism and sight-seeing in Southeast Asia. The author came on my tour twice this season and gives an unbiased (ha, ha) view of the learning curve most people experience at Hakkoda. You can see the article here.
Also, if you have not had a chance to see the the pictures of my trip down under you can check it out here.
The rainy season finally hit Tohoku(northern Japan)officially yesterday about 11 days later than usual giving us some great hiking and bike riding days.It doesn't mean it will rain everyday, so let me know if you are free to enjoy the outdoors and we will keep an eye on he weather and work(play) around it!

Updated 6/15/07! Looking to go canoe/kayaking in Hokkaido this summer?
The yearly "Down The Teshio River" canoe tour will take place July 14 and 15th. You may remember last year we participated in the event. (see pictures here.) This year I will not be able to go, but if you are interested, please contact me and I can give you all the info you need. I can also get you in touch with the contact person, Mr. Sumiya, who is a real great guy and will be sure you get taken care of. It was a lot of fun hanging with a lot of good Japanese people and doing some awesome canoing!

Updated 6/10/07! Back from Oz!
Now that I am back from Australia,(I am putting together some pics and comments of the unbelievable 2 weeks I spent down under...so check back in about a week)hiking season is getting into gear! Be sure to check out the list of mountains on the summer hiking list on the home page.
It includes day hikes as well as overnight and extended hikes! I have already been doing some mountain biking as well. Also we have some great festivals coming up next month including the NANGO JAZZ festival and the Towada Lake fireworks fest too! So I hope you enjoy your summer. Anything I can do to help, just ask! I will leave you now with just one picture from Oz, more coming soon!

Simon and the Thredbo Ski patrollers enjoying the Aussie national pastime: Drinking in the pubs while watching Rugby Union, Rugby League or Australian Rules Football!


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