What's New at Hakkoda?    

Updated 2/02/07! Hakkoda's snow base finally made it to the 3 meter mark today!
As I told you last week, Fujimaki-san went on our tour last week (see pictures below and on the comment section as well).
I forgot to mention that the Ropeway built a new section at the station on the top of the mountain and put a gallery there as well as a panorama view window over looking Aomori City. Fujimaki-san's pictures will be on display until the end of the season, so be sure to check it out.

There you will also see a picture off him (now 71 years old) and of Aomori born Keizo Miura who died last year at 101. He skied on all 7 continents and climbed Mt. Everest at age 74. Miura's son Yuichiro also skied all over the world including Mt. Everest with a parachute on his back. Keizo was still skiing with their 4 generation clan on a French glacier when he was 100 years old. Would that we could say the same!

Updated 1/30/07! Last Sunday, the famous cameraman Kenji Fujimaki went on the tour with Liz and I. On the top of Mt. Tamoyachi,we ran into a film crew from Tokyo TV and they filmed us flying through the snow monsters. Then we went on our own "Hunt for White Powder". Check out these pics he took and also go to the Customer Comment section to check out some of Liz as well!

Day after day, alone on the hill,
The man with the foolish grin is keeping perfectly still.

Well on his way, his head in a cloud,
The man of a thousand voices, talking perfectly loud.

But the fool on the hill,
Sees the sun going down.

And the eyes in his head,
See the world spinning around.

from Fool on the Hill by John Lennon & Paul McCartney

Updated 1/20/07! I saw this most fantastic sight yesterday!
A flying squirrel flew from one snow monster treetop to another in between the Y-zawa and Mokko-sawa area during the tour. No one had their camera out so we could not take a picture of it but I did find this one on the net to give you an idea.
They are called Mu-sa-sa-bi in Japanese.It was the first time I had seen one.
Otherwise, Hakkoda as caught up snow wise after a slow start. It snowed 30 cm. last night and did not stop snowing all day! We were in deep untracked ALL DAY! The base is already 270cm and counting! Hope you get here soon to enjoy it!

Updated 1/9/07! Happy New Year! After a slow start this season, Hakkoda is kicking off the new year looking like it's awesome self again. Just within the last few days, over 1 meter of new snow has fallen and the snowbase is over 2 meters and rising daily. There is snow in the forecast for everyday this week! The temperatures have dipped dramatically so the powder is just as sweet as ever. Now is a GREAT TIME to be here. Beg, borrow or steal some time off, you'll feel like you died and went to powdered heaven!

The trees are finally disappearing from the Hakkoda landscape!

Updated 12/19/06! Already 3 people this year have gotten lost at Hakkoda (not on my tour) Two which spent the night on the mountain and another who because he brought a GPS was able to stumble out of the darkness at 7pm very fortunately unharmed. I happened to be there both days to help coordinate the response to rescue these men. The following article has really good information that anyone coming to Hakkoda should read and take heed. My thanks to Stars and Stripes for giving permission to reprint this article for your benefit. The article is here: http://www.hakkodapowder.com/hakkodastory.shtml

Updated 11/25/06! Although not yet officially open, it has finally snowed enough at Hakkoda for us to do some snowshoeing and boarding off the East and North slopes. This week the weather man is predicting snow everyday for a week. The season should officially open December 1st!
Anytime you are ready, come on up!

Billy trying out his new board in the back side of the East slope.


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