What's New at Hakkoda?    

Updated 7/20/11! Excitement awaits you!
Just last Saturday we did a dual mountain bike/hike to the Matsumino waterfalls near Lake Towada. This jewel is hidden away in the middle of nowhere and is well worth the hard uphill climb on the bike and the rugged hike down the narrow path to paradise. Why not join me on my next outing? Excitement awaits you!
PS: The bike down the mountain was awesome....
PSS: I am already getting bookings for January & February, get yours in soon!

Updated 6/13/11! Summer Hiking in Full Swing!

Check out more pictures of our recent hike in the volcanic craters of Hakkoda here. Contact me now for your hiking & mountain biking adventure!

Updated 5/9/11! FREE! Simon's End Of The Year Customer Appreciation Tour!
Sunday May 15 we plan to hike up from Katsumatsu Pass to Io-dake (mountain on right) and then to the hut (see arrow) and maybe even further then ski/board back down! Bring lunch/beer/whatever! And let me know if you want to go!

Updated 4/12/11 Wall Street comes to Hakkoda!
THE Tokyo editor of the Asian Wall Street Journal came to do a story on Hakkoda and Simonís powder snow tours. You can see and read what he had to say after spending a few days here!
Just click on the article to see it larger.

Updated 3/18/11
Many of you have emailed me asking about the situation here in Japan. Thank you all for your thoughts & prayers during these tough times.
We are all OK here. Just dealing with small inconveniences of fuel shortage and sporadic food shortages, nothing compared with the major problems down south.
I am working as a volunteer translator on the American military base helping to coordinate relief efforts. See my facebook group, Out The Gate for more info and some pictures of the local destruction.
It seems it will take another week or two for things to stabilize up here and start resuming Hakkoda tours. All flights have resumed to Aomori but the bullet train will take a little longer. We are just about ready to start our "spring snow season" but winter powder snow has still been falling as well.
Don't forget the best snow tour of the year: The Mt. Iwaki 10km. run from top to bottom is being planned for the last 2 weeks of April. This is definitely one you will not want to miss. Hope to see you soon!


Updated 2/22/11 Want to make an impression on the world? Come to Hakkoda!

Click here for more enticing pictures of our tour the other day!

Updated 2/2/11 Over 9 meters of snowfall in Janurary!
Here is the overnight accumulation for this month according to the Hakkoda Ropeway: 1/1 70cm. 1/2 0cm. 1/3 10cm. 1/4 0cm. 1/5 10cm. 1/6 40cm. 1/7 60cm. 1/8 30cm. 1/9 30cm. 1/10 50cm. 1/11 (Big Tuesday!) 70cm. 1/12 40cm. 1/13 50cm. 1/14 50cm. 1/1550cm. 1/16 25cm. 1/17 15cm. 1/18 70cm. 1/19 20cm. 1/21 50cm. 1/22 20cm. 1/23 50cm. 1/24 10cm. 1/2510cm. 1/26 0cm. 1/27 0cm. 1/28 0cm. 1/29 35cm. 1/30 3cm. 1/31 20cm.
Daily constant snowfall! Where were you? And how come you were not here? Come soon! Click on these powder pics from last weekend to enlarge!

1/11/11! This day is now called ďBig TuesdayĒ at Hakkoda. Not only did it not stop snowing for 6 days, we had an overnight accumulation of 70cm. Tuesday morning. Check out the pics of DEEEEEP, over the head powder shots from this day! Click on the pics to enlarge, then kick yourself for not being here !

Updated 1/1/11! What a way to start the NEW YEAR!
On New Year's Eve we had a blast of over a half meter of new snow snow bringing our base to over 2 meters! We already have had some awesome days and it only is going to get better! My new year's wish is for you to have untracked powder every run and lots of snow so we can still be skiing/boarding into June! HAPPY NEW YEAR everyone, let me know how I can help you make your powder dreams come true!

That's me there, getting ready to do a deep powder run on Christmas day! How deep is your snow?

Updated 12/22/10! Today Hakkoda finally opens the direct course!
With a big snow forecast for the next 2 days and snow for everyday this week, it won't be long before the back country opens up! Make your plans NOW!
If you are a beginner or intermediate you might want to check out Naqua Shirakami Ski Resort.


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