What's New at Hakkoda?    

Updated 4/19/10! New Mt. Iwaki Tour (up) Dates!
Thwarted by icy conditions on Saturday and 10cm of soft fresh powder at Hakkoda on Sunday, we canceled the tour to Mt. Iwaki. BUT... we will try to do it Saturday the 24th or Sunday the 25th this coming weekend. Thank you for everyone's patience. I really prefer to go with perfect conditions for safety sake. Let me know your availability.
While you are waiting, check out this new video by Yuu taken March 13/14 when we had some light powder. Sit back and relax with us as we hike, tour, board, ski and scoot around Hakkoda with our friends from Tokyo, Sapporo and Misawa Air Base! Good people and lots of fun!

Updated 4/15/10! Ski Every Mountain...!
I recently met Mr. Yuuichi Miura, pro-skier who has skied every continent and not only was the oldest man to climb Mt. Everest but also has skied Everest (with parachute on back!) His father, who recently passed away was skiing Hakkoda at the age of 101!

Updated 3/21/10! Spring Snow & Mt. Iwaki Tour
While we had 20cm. of fresh light powder yesterday & 15cm today, (Ah! Heavenly!) Spring has been poking it's head around the corner. That means: SPRING CORN SNOW, long tours with 5km run outs from the top of the Mt.Odake & Ido dake craters. We will be doing these tours until early May!
Every year we save the best for (almost) last and do a tour to Mt. Iwaki (1626m), the highest mountain in Aomori. It is only a 45 min easy walk to the summit after driving to the 8th station and riding the short lift. The 10km. run from the summit to the Yayoi shrine down the open bowl is always the best run of the year. Often followed up in the afternoon by going to the Cherry Blossom Festival in Hirosaki. It is a beautiful sight to see the ancient Japanese castle surrounded by 2,500 pink blossom laden cherry trees.
Right now I am looking at either Sat and/or Sun April 17th or 18th. Let me know your schedule. I might be able to go the next weekend as well. Of course if you have a weekday off and want to go, hey, I'm game.
We need as many cars as we can get because we have to park some in the back before we drive around to the top. After the run we go back and pick up the cars at the 8th station. Good weather is a prerequisite, if we can't see it, we don't do it. In that case,we stay at Hakkoda and do the Hokibatai course.
I already have people signed up for the 17th! So don't get left out on the fun!

Mt. Iwaki 1625 meters, the highest mountain in Aomori

Updated 2/8/10! Bluebird Day Tour
Follow us as we ski/board backcountry untracked powder snow from our tour on 1/31/2010 in Hakkoda on a Bluebird Day. The only place you could ever see something more beautiful... well you would have to die and go to Heaven!

A big "thank you" to Brian for recording & editing this video!

Updated 1/26/10! The "Magnificent 7"!
The "Magnificent 7" were up for 4 days (also the 4th time in 3 years) for their annual pilgrimage to Hakkoda. Something new everyday including 40 cm. of fresh powder on their last day today. I couldn't wait to show you some of the best shots taking by Jeff. Enjoy and then kick yourself for not being here!

Master photographer Jeff Carter
click here to see more fabulous photos from those magnificent days!

Updated 1/18/10! PERFECT POWDER PROOF!!!

We the undersigned, attest and bear witness that on Sunday, January 17, 2010 while on Simon's Hakkoda Powder Snow Tour in Hakkoda experienced the absolutely best, perfect quality powder snow that we have ever skied in. Steep & Deep!


Nick Aadland from Seattle, Washington skiing for 24 years on 4 continents:
"The lightest, deepest snow I have ever skied. Epic Japanese powder snow"

Darius Rowbotham from Sheffield, England skiing for 19 years:
"Like skiing on Fairy's Floss (cotton candy): Light, soft and and I ate it all the way down, sweet "

Dan Turcotte from Severna Park, Maryland skiing for 20 years:
"You will have to delete my comment from last year, where I said: ...the best experiences I have had on skis... Today was by far the ultimate experience I have ever had!"

Frederick Gendrin from Lyon, France skiing for 29 years:
"In all my years of ski experience, and that was for sure the lightest snow I've ever skied on, and in such amount!"

Michael Jurd from Sydney, Australia skiing for 30 years:
"Any deeper and you would have needed a snorkel"

Powder Hounds from left to right: Simon, Michael, Darius, Sarah, Nick & Frederick. Photo by Dan.

Updated 1/6/10! Regarding booking for February
Although I mentioned this back on: Updated 12/6/09! I am getting many emails from you wanted to come on the tour during the last half of February. I have been completely booked for a month now for those dates. PLEASE check my calendar before making your plans.
On a more positive note: We had 35cm of fresh powder yesterday and it will only get better! Hope to ski you soon.

Updated 1/1/10! Happy New Year!

With all the snow in the forecast we should have a great season for powder and spring snow. Is this the year you finally come to Hakkoda? Let me know how I can help you.

Updated 12/25/09! Ho, Ho, Ho! Would you like to see what the conditions are up at Hakkoda?!
Brian & I spent a White Christmas in the light powder off the East slope of Mt. Tamoyachi! See our Merry Christmas greetings HERE.
And don't forget to keep an eye on my calendar before making your plans, many have emailed me about coming at the end of February on dates I am already solid booked. See you soon in the HAPPY snowy NEW YEAR 2010!

Updated 12/16/09! Calm Before The Storm...
Simon's tours took a group of 19 airmen & women from Misawa Air Base to neighboring Iwate Prefecture for the tour of their lives. After driving up to the snowline on the NE corner of Mt. Iwate, we donned snowshoes just as the rain subsided and hiked in a surreal mist passing numerous gurgling creeks and streams culminating with very scenic view of the Matsukawa valley and a steaming geothermal power plant.
Then it was time to relax in an out-door hot springs bath next to a raging river and steam vents! Having worked up quite an appetite, we ended up splurging at the best spaghetti restaurant in northern Japan with over 40 different sauces to choose from! Considering most of these guys just got to Japan within the last month, what a way to blow them away with the beauty and exciting adventures that Japan has to offer. See some funny pictures and Nick's comment here.
I end this with some very good news, starting tomorrow a huge snow storm is coming our way with snow forecast everyday for the next week. See you all up at Hakkoda soon!

Taking a break for a group shot on a mountain bridge to nowhere. The Iwate government planned to build a road thru the mountains. During construction, a series a violent earthquakes struck destroying a lot of infrastructure and they gave up. This bridge remains but is not accessible to vehicle traffic!

Updated 12/6/09! It Won't Be long Now!
We just got another 25cm. new snow last night and some more is forecast as well. You definitely want to make your plans now. If you have recently checked my calendar out you will have seen that the last half of February is almost fully booked. Best to check with me before you make your plans and don't forget I am more than willing to help you make accommodation reservations and direct you on how to best get up to the mountain when you arrive.
Think snow!


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