What's New at Hakkoda?    

Updated 8/20/09! Hike and Bike Now! The Summer Is Too Short!
Living in Aomori as long as I have, I know that I really need to get out and enjoy mother nature as much as possible in the way too short summer. Temperatures will soon cool down and before you know it'll be snowing! Let me help you make the best of your summer. Hiking & biking are in full swing! I can especially help if you have been thinking about trying something like this but have yet to step out. Email me now and tell me how I can help you!

In my recent trip to the Japanese Alps in Nagano, I camped over looking Mt. Asama, a steaming live volcano that violently erupted just a half year ago.

We never what we will come across on our off road mountain biking tours. Here is Mike at a little place dedicated to former Ozeki ranked (second highest in Sumou) Taka-no-nami from Misawa City.

Updated 7/30/09! Hot Jazz on a cool night in Nango!
This was by far the best one yet! Not only did the number 1 Japanese jazz band perform, but we had a surprise appearance from Dominick Farinacci, from New York! Swing Magazine calls him the number 2 trumpet player in the world!

Yours truly on stage during the intermissions! (No, I am not singing, ha!)

Charito and the Hip Jazz Cats with special guest Dominick Farinacci bring the house down!

Yours truly, again interviewing Dominick & Charito with co-host Moko (famous actress and DJ from Tokyo)

Updated 7/16/09! Come to the 2009 Nango Summer Jazz Festival Saturday, July 25th!

8 hours of Jazz starting at 12 noon in an outdoor amphitheater surrounded by mother nature!
Performances will include "Nabe-sada Group 2009" THE top jazz band in Japan and Charito with the Hip Jazz Cats from the USA! You can find all the information by clicking here

Updated 7/5/09! Off road mountain biking season in full throttle!

Get in on the fun, we ride loops from Misawa to everywhere: Lake Ogawara. Pacific Ocean, Swan Lake, the foot hills of Hakkoda, etc. Great views, good company, excellent exercise! Tours for beginners, intermediate, and advanced. Mountain bike for rent if you do not have your own! Try it, you might like it! Contact me for details!

We tried a new road that dead-ended at a very beautiful overlook of Lake Ogawara. Dan (you may have met him at Hakkoda) checks out the view at the precipice of the dead end!

Updated 6/17/09! Summer Hiking in Full Swing!

The mountains are alive with spring flowers, fresh air, breath-taking views and good exercise (a bit of left over snow as well). Simon's Tours offers guided hiking tours for beginners, intermediate and advanced hikers. I can help you prepare what you need to have an awesome time. Hiking in nature is a great stress buster as well! Contact me and let me help you experience a new dimension that will change your outlook!

PS: The next day after writing this I came across this article I am including the first few paragraphs:

Stress-Busting Ideas

By Tom Hopkins, June 17, 2009

Let's face it, on a list of high-stress careers, selling has to be up there with tightrope walking. Haven't you had days when you felt that you actually were on a tightrope? I know I did.

To survive, and, more importantly, to maintain a healthy balance in life, we need to be proactive about releasing our daily stress in creative ways.

For some people, exercise is the best way to relieve stress. Physical activity is a civil way to release pent-up frustration without risk of causing harm to yourself or others.

Rick enjoying wild mountain cherry blossom viewing during our hike.

In spite of the drizzle we came across some great views and even made it up to the volcanic crater as well.


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