What's New at Hakkoda?    

Updated 5/24/09! Come get challenged by the two highest mountains in Aomori Prefecture!

Hike and board with us from the top of Mt. Odake 1584m and Mt. Iwaki 1625m, the two highest mountains in Aomori Prefecture, Japan. Two days of perfect spring snow starting down the 5km Hokibatai route the first day and the 10km Yayoi route the next.

Updated 4/15/09! Rt. 40 From Towada City to Tashirotai (the back side of Hakkoda) will open to vehicle traffic starting at 9am Friday April 17th!

This cuts quite a few kilometers off the commute from Misawa. But if you have yet to go over the Golden Line from Yachi to Sukayu over the 1040m Kasamatsu Pass, then by all means take that longer route to see the beauty and magnificence of both the Northern and Southern Hakkoda ranges.
In a few weeks, after the snow under the gondola melts, we will be touring starting from the Kasamatsu Pass up to Kuro dake, Io dake, the Senin hut and even Odake. Not to mention the incredibly steep hike up Takada Odake from Yachi. Get your runs in now before the 7 month wait until next season.

Updated 4/11/09! Dan's video of last weeks tour: Driving through the recently opened Golden line, hiking up to Mt. Odake(1584m), and the 5km run out down the Hokibatai route to the Tashirotai tea houses.

Unfortunately, Youtube, pulled the audio because of copyright issues. So everyone will have to enjoy only watching it until Dan can re-edit the sound. You can see and hear it on Facebook.
Can't wait to see the video from the Iwaki tour from yesterday. It was even better than this! Perfect weather, good crew, 2 steep faces, immensely large open bowl and the whole 10km run out from top to bottom was, was, was, just, just... (words fail to describe).
If after watching this video you would like to do it, the plan is to go back to Odake both this Friday & Saturday. Weather permitting, maybe even Sunday as well. Let me know!

Updated 4/8/09! Mt. Iwaki tour on for this Saturday, April 11!

The weather and snow should be absolutely perfect. 6 people going so far, should be FUN! Need to bring backpack, beacon, liquid, snacks, lunch (we will eat half way down on the mountain), sunglasses and sunscreen. No snowshoes needed. Contact me ASAP if you want to go. Also Dan is putting the final touched on a video of last Sunday's tour. I saw the draft today and it is already looking awesome. Check back as I will be putting a link to it soon!

Updated 3/28/09! PS to the 3/27/09 comment

How good is the snow at Hakkoda this weekend?
To find out go to the Customer Comments section and see what Dan said about the last two days!"

Updated 3/27/09! 30cm. OF FRESH POWDER TODAY!

And that is on top of what we have been getting the last few days and what we are supposed to get in the next few days! The snow base up at Sukayu has passes the 3 meter mark again!
BY ALL MEANS get to Hakkoda this weekend to enjoy it! But if you can't make your plans to do some great spring snowboarding & skiing soon.
Until then I will let you salivate over some great pics just sent to me by Kashia (in Kyoto) who has been coming on the tour for the last 4 years. see here
There are some absolute great shots in the mix which include pictures of Brian from California, my indispensable assistant, who was here for 5 weeks. Hey guy, we all miss you! And sweet Susy from Bali, hey girl, see you next year too!
Would also like to take this time to ask everyone to say a prayer for Kashia who has to have some surgery done. Kashia, get well soon! We love'ya and are praying all will go well with the operation and recovery and I will be looking forward to boarding with you next year!
Stay positive. "Keep your face to the sunshine & you cannot see the shadow".--Helen Keller-- deaf & blind her whole life!

Updated 3/19/09! Mount Iwaki Spring Tour!

Every year we save the best for (almost) last and do a tour to Mt. Iwaki (1626m), the highest mountain in Aomori. It is only a 45 min easy walk to the summit after driving to the 8th station and riding the short lift. The 10km. run from the summit to the Yayoi shrine down the open bowl is always the best run of the year. Often followed up in the afternoon by going to the Cherry Blossom Festival in Hirosaki. It is a beautiful sight to see the ancient Japanese castle surrounded by 2,500 pink blossom laden cherry trees. Right now I am looking at either Sat and/or Sun April 11th or 12th. Let me know your schedule. I might be able to go the next weekend as well. Of course if you have a weekday off and want to go, hey, I'm game. We need as many cars as we can get because we have to park some in the back before we drive around to the top. After the run we go back and pick up the cars at the 8th station. Good weather is a prerequisite, if we can't see it, we don't do it. In that case,we go back to Hakkoda and do the Hokibatai course.
Don't miss it!

Hirosaki castle with Mt. Iwaki in the background.

Updated 3/4/09! Full Swing Into March!

Hakkoda has started the transition from winter to spring. Still giving us some powder days (we had 35cm. yesterday) and other days with the snow settling, we have started the longer tours as well. A few days ago we climbed to the top of Mt. Ido and did the 5km run down the Hokibatai route.
You can see what we have been up to the last few days by checking out Darius & Sarah's album.
The only thing missing is: YOU! Lots of fun still left this year!
PS: Stay tuned as I will be announcing the Mt. Iwaki tour dates for next month shortly. You don't want to miss out on the best tour of the year: the 10km run from the top!

Sarah making first tracks from the Narusawa ridge. You can see this pic and all our signatures by going to her album.

Updated 2/21/09! New Snow And Lots Of It!

In case you have not been watching the weather report, we got 1.7 meters of snow in 4 days bringing our base over the 3 meter mark for the first time this year! Finally, (breathing a deep sigh of relief!)
This saved our season and means we will have a great spring after all.
Now is the time to make your reservations. The hotels really get filled up fast especially over the weekends so make your plans now. It seems some people are surprised when I tell them that spring snow (corn snow) is super rideable and a lot of fun. This is also the time we do our long run outs especially on the other side of our big three mountains in the back. Hope to see you soon!

Updated 1/22/09! Happy New Year!

Ryosuke and the boys came up from Tokyo again (the 3rd year in a row they have come on my tour). Today I had customers from 7 different countries! It was the most awesome day. We did 3 mountains today. You can read what Micheal thought of the tour on the customer comment section. But it turns out that Frankie put together a short video of last March spring tour. So I am including the URL here so you can check it out on YouTube!

Anthony kicking up some rooster tails down the east slope of Mt. Akakura! Lookin' GOOD!

Updated 12/21/08! White Christmas? You betcha!

For all of you who have been waiting for a Hakkoda snow report:
Just in the last 24hrs. the accumulated snow doubled from 60cm to 120cm
(from 2 to 4 feet) and there is snow in the forecast daily for the rest of the week. Better late than never, it is time to come on out and enjoy.
My January and February schedule is starting to fill up so make you plans now! See you soon.

Updated 11/27/08! Hakkoda a bit over your head?

But as a recreation skier/snowboarder or even beginner, you still want to get excellent snow that we have in Aomori, than you should check out Naqua Shirakami Hotel & Resort.

Updated 11/21/08! Hakkoda Update

People have been asking me if the can ski/board at Hakkoda I know they got 50 cm. of snow at the bottom by the lifts. I heard that they will open the lifts Saturday. Is it worth it? Well, that depends how desperate you are to be on the slopes. If you go take your rock board/skis.
There is a place at the top of Hakkoda you can hike to and go off the back of that would be really nice. After you ski/board down you have to hike back up (as many times as you desire) and then you have to take the gondola back down. I am not sure if they will let you go there without a guide this early in the season. Patience. It won't be long.

No it doesn't look like this yet, but you can look and drool. Think snow!


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